Maximum Abs

Victoria Johnson

Categories: Abs/Core

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I bought this during her sale at Victoria's website after remembering a recommendation for it in a fitness forum. The case is hard plastic and video is 30 minutes long.

The workout starts out with a short warmup led by Victoria. Then she has four helpers demonstrating different versions of ab exercises. I can't list what was done in order, because there were so many varieties. I tried a different version each time she changed one, so I could see which feel right to me. Victoria coaches each one, and this approach worked well. She could tell when they were tired and had them take breaks. She also seemed to do well with counting and keeping it even, but I am only judging this on how I felt actually during the work.

The music was good. Some had had a hip hop feel. The video was as hard or as easy as you want to make it. I made it feel somewhat hard and got a great ab workout. Victoria leads a short cooldown with some stretching at the end.

Instructor Comments:
Encouraging, educated, and soft voice.