Lethal Abs

Year Released: 1994

Categories: Abs/Core

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Having read many of the others reviews on this site, I realize that everybody has their own style and preference as to the type of routine they appreciate. For whatever reason, this series suits me to a tee. Their explanations are thorough without being overbearing and the cueing is great--very easy to follow. Some people may find these tapes "boring" but I particularly like the way each muscle group is exhausted before moving on to the next--lots of reps but the results are quick and satisfying. I prefer this style of workout to others I've tried where you're constantly "getting out the box," "picking up the dowel," "grabbing your weights," etc. I prefer to just strap on the ankle weights and go. I'm hoping this same group comes out with a "Lethal Arms" as well. Thanks guys for the great workouts and for making me smile!!!

Instructor Comments:
There are three instructors in this series--Michael, Lisa, and another female (her name escapes me at the moment) but I find this trio to be a great combination. These tapes, compared to some others I've tried, have more of a "working out with friends" feeling. The workouts are serious but the instructors don't take themselves TOO seriously. They're fun to watch and listen to. That's important when you get up at 5 a.m. to workout.

Rebecca Casey


This is one of my favorite all time ab workouts. After a warm-up, Michael and the two female instructors, begin. One female instructor leads them in an excellent, no nonsense 10 minute ab workout covering all parts of the abs. It goes at a fast pace with some slow intense pulses. This ten minute section is followed by a 5 minute back exercise section by the other female instructor. I usually skip this part and go to the last section which is absolutely fantastic. It is called "advanced abs" and is led by Michael. It is ten minutes of very intense, non-stop moves with lots of pulses. You will definitely see results from this tape. In my opinion, this tape and Abs of Steel 2000 are the best you can buy. It's a steal at $9.99.

maryann parker