I Want Those Abs

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Abs/Core

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This video would have been great if it just had MORE. I kept finding myself saying, what? she's stopping already? i was just starting to burn!!!! I'm sure we've all experienced that. I like this video for several reasons. Firstly, the exercises were actually studied in a lab to see how effective they were so you know what you're doing is working exactly where it needs to work and you do feel it. Also, because the exercises themselves are GREAT, but there's just not enough. Tamilee is a great instructor. She's very smart and knows her stuff. She needs to put that knowledge into use with a kick butt style video - more like Cathe. Maybe a bootcamp. I have a lot of her stuff and it's just all too easy. Her videos are very calm and easy (with the exception of Advanced Buns of Steel). I give this video a B.

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee is her usual self. Knowledgable, bubbly, encouraging and friendly.

Denise Berger


This is a very good workout, and one that harkens back to earlier days (she even refers to Jane Fonda and uses some moves from Jane's workouts). With all the newer tapes out, it's nice to finally see some of the older, effective moves, such as side bends and side lying crunches with bent and straight legs. There are also a number of newer exercises, all of which I thought were very effective.

My only criticisms are that she does not do enough reps of some of the exercises, although she does too many of some others. Some of the exercises are a bit fast-paced, such as the toughest one where you do a full sit-up while lifting one straight leg toward the ceiling and reaching up with your arms.

I like the fact that there are 2 15-minute sections to this workout, and you can do either or both and get a nice ab workout. Tamilee manages to target all the muscle groups of the abdominals. I thought it lended credibility to the workout that she worked with a scientist and tested the exercises for their effectiveness.
This tape might be challenging for beginners, but would be something to grow with; it's just right for intermediates and it would be a good add-on for advanced.
I'd give this tape an A.

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee is an experienced professional trainer, who obviously practices what she preaches. She is inspiring because she has strong, defined abs and looks great at a mature age. She has a nice voice, explains which muscles each exercise is working, uses good form and is pleasant overall.



According to the intro on this set of videos, Tamilee spent hours in a lab measuring the effectiveness of various exercises on the different body parts. She took the most effective exercises and made this series of tapes. The abs tape is structured into two 15 minute long workouts- each has its own warmup and stretch. I think this is a nice solid ab workout tape. Tamilee is pleasant both to look at and listen to in these tapes. The workouts are with her alone in a well-lit, bright studio with windows/fake buildings in the background.

Workout One: Short warmup stretch
All moves are done first for 12 reps using 2 counts up/down, then 8 singles.
A move she calls "The Zone"- a basically a crunch up and most of the way down
Crunch with pelvic tilt
Arms reaching above the head crunch
Reverse Crunch with hands under your rear
Basic reverse crunch with torso
Oblique crunches with leg crossed
Compound move where you raise one leg and crunch torso, then lower leg and torso, then bring leg in and crunch torso
Ends with a quick stretch

Workout Two: Short warmup stretch
All moves are done 12 reps the first time through all exercises, then repeat entire rotation for 8 reps
Standing side bends with a hand weight- 12 reps reaching up and then 12 to the side for each side
"Jane Fonda" move- lie on one hip and elbow, crunch elbow to knees with legs bent for one set, then legs straight for one set

Basic bicycles On your back, raise legs straight, crunch upper body then lower legs and torso With legs up in the air lift hips and upper body at the same time Start w/ one leg bent- while straightening parallel to the floor lift the torso with hands behind head Same leg movement as before, but put arms reaching in front of you and lift higher Same legs/torso as above but lift leg higher

I felt the second workout was moderately more difficult than the first. All the moves are pretty basic, but I felt the burn by the end of the workout. There are no fancy variations or planks- just a good solid ab workout. Tamilee talks throughout the tape, giving form pointers and telling you which muscles are working. She exhibits excellent form throughout the tape and cues very well. She normally will slowly explain a move the first time through.

The music is OK- nothing special. It is mostly non-vocal with a piano, synthesizer (2nd workout), drums -some songs are a little jazzy. There was one song during the first workout that was very jarring- there were sounds like two cats screeching at each other. The first time I heard it I jumped up thinking one of my cats was killing the other one, until I saw them both sitting on the couch looking terrified at the sound!

Tara Whitmore