Cardio Meets Strength Training

Debra Bono
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This is a good low-intermediate/intermediate workout. It was a little too easy for me as an advanced exerciser but does fine for a light day when I want to get in a little toning and cardio.

Bright CIA-style set with melodious jazzy music (original stuff by her husband, I think). You do short cardio segments followed by short toning segments. The one guy uses dumbbells; Debra uses a bodybar and dumbbells, and the two women use those short Spri tubing bands. The cardio is very basic--lots of V-steps, box steps, ponies, shuffles and grapevines. There are short "intervals" where you might do the ski-hops, jacks or high knee jogs. Some compound toning moves like squats plus side delt raises. Nothing mind-boggling different here. Overall, I found it a solid, pleasant, competent workout but nothing particularly striking. It did introduce me to Debra as an instructor and now I'm more eager to try some of her other workouts that I have but haven't tried.

Instructor Comments:
Very pleasant, mellow instructor, giving constant form reminders. Her pace gets just a little too deliberate at times here--sometimes I was like, "C'mon, let's go already!" at the TV while she chatted to her comrades.