Barry's Bootcamp Basic System

Barry Jay, Cindy Whitmarsh
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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I have a love hate relationship with this group of DVD's. The main workouts are challenging and I sweat my booty off (with the exception of booty camp). They are a little higher impact than my knees like however can be modified easily by following "Kat" a background exerciser. I purchased this set because I LOVE Cindy Whitmarsh's workouts on exercise tv. Cindy provided the instruction which is great. I am glad I purchased the set from ebay and did not pay full price as it would have been very disappointing.

Instructor Comments:
The above being said Barry drives me nuts! I cringe every time he talks and throughout the DVD he says the same thing over and over. I wish there was a play music only option as this would make me more apt to put this higher up in my list of DVD's. Like the workout, can't stand Barry. (No offense Barry!)



This is a set which comes with two dvds and a special extra-long stability ball. I got it second-hand, off e-bay, minus the ball and supplementary materials. I already had a stability ball and did not want another one. I would say there was one move I had to do on the floor due to not having the special extra-long ball, but other than that, I was fine, and they did not even use the ball that much.

The two main workouts are upper body and lower body. Each follows a circuit format, one minute moves alternating strength and cardio. The strength moves are done with a band. There is a countdown timer counting down the time.

I love these workouts. They are short (about 25 minutes) but pack a real punch. I find I can push myself more with this style of training because I know it is only for a minute, and it feels like time goes by quickly. There are a lot of exercises using your own body weight, which really works for me.

There were some bonus add-on workouts which I have not yet tried.

I had great results with this series after only a month and enjoyed it a lot. It will definitely stay in my rotation.

Instructor Comments:
Barry is very drill-sergeant style, which may not work for some people. Cindy is sweet and nice. She does every rep with you and coaches, while Barry shouts and walks around.