Aussie Fit Cross Train

Steve Schiemer
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Steve has been my motivator for some years i have lost weight and realize i must do this every week. I use there DVD from the 90's and it's good to see they didn't stop, i wont either. good health to you.



This 50-minute circuit-type workout, alternating aerobics and toning sections, is a fun high-energy tape, led by instructor Steve Schiemer.

There are four hi-lo aerobic sections, each lasting about 5 minutes. One person also demonstrates a low-impact version of the workout. The routines learned in the first three sections are put together for a grand finale in the fourth section. The toning sections also last about 5 minutes. For toning they use one set of light weights for all the exercises.

After the warming up and stretch, we go straight into leg work - lots of lunges and squats. Then comes the first aerobic section. This is followed by push-ups and lateral raises, and some back work. There’s a heart-rate check after the second aerobic section. For the third strength section, it’s back to squats and lunges, including one-legged squats (they’re tough). The final strength section is for the upper body: overhead presses, rotator cuffs, row down, lateral raise and triceps kickback. This is followed by the final aerobics section. A second heart-rate check is taken before the 4-minute cooling down. The workout ends with a 6-minute standing stretch.

The only thing I miss in the workout is ab work, so I add that myself.

Instructor Comments:
Steve is a cheerful young man, who has a tendency to say “fantastic” quite a lot. He gives good instruction on how to perform moves correctly (he also shows what not to do) and is easy to follow.

Glynis van Uden