30 Minutes to Fitness: Bootcamp

Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This is another new workout from fitness instructor Kelly Coffey-Meyer's 30 Minutes to Fitness series. Like the other DVDs in this series, 30 Minutes to Fitness Bootcamp offers two separate workouts; when combined with the warm-up, each of these workouts is around 30 minutes long, perfect if you are short on time. However, Kelly also offers plenty of additional options, including a Bonus Stretch segment and various Premixes which allow you to create a longer or shorter workout. Kelly works out with two background exercises, one of whom shows modifications for the higher impact moves. The Main Menu of the DVD lists the Warm-Up, Workout 1, Workout 2, Bonus Stretch, and Premixes. The Premixes include Double Session (both workouts), 55 minutes; Strength Session (strength segments only), 30 minutes; Cardio Session (cardio segments only), 30 minutes; and Stretch Session (warm-up & bonus stretch), 22 minutes.

Kelly beigns the 3 1/2 minute warm-up with marches, jogs, shuffles, and hamstring curls. She then moves into a sequence of squats, jacks, and lunges, ending the warm-up with some push-up/plank work. Then it's on to the workouts. Without the warm-up, Workout #1 is 27 minutes long, and #2 is 26 1/2 minutes long. Both follow the format of repeating an exercise for 2 minutes and then moving on (although sometimes Kelly changes it up and does a short drill-like sequence at the end). In general, Kelly alternates weight work with cardio bursts, although some of the later use a single light dumbbell. Kelly does a great job of always telling you the amount of weight she is using while encouraging you to use the weight that is most appropriate for you.

In both workouts, the time really flies, as Kelly keeps you constantly moving. The cardio portions contain quite a bit of impact, but as mentioned above, modifications are always shown. Also, as is traditional with bootcamp workouts, both workouts have a plank portion about mid-workout. Workout #1 contains some unique weight work which Kelly likens to kettlebell swings. There are also several moves with a sports feel to them, including a basketball jump (cardio) and a shotput (weights). In Workout #2, there seemed to be quite a bit of impact in the first half, whereas the second half contained a lot of fun exercises, again derived from sports: eg, a hitter, lacrosse, catcher cardio sequence, and my favorite, an en guarde strength move. Both workouts conclude with a very brief (<2 minutes) stretch.

For those wanting a more thorough stretch, Kelly has included a longer stretch segment that's about 19 minutes long. This section includes a mix of ballistic (bouncing) and static stretching. Kelly begins standing for some standard stretching moves, but these did not feel like they were held long enough to me. However, she then moves to the floor, where she slows down and does some longer holds; she also incorporates a towel (or strap) for some of the moves. Unfortunately, she finishes the floorwork with several moves (known as plow and shoulderstand in yoga) which I think many might find too advanced for a basic stretching program.

As with the other workouts in her 30 Minutes to Fitness series, Kelly did a great job with this DVD, which provides users with plenty of workout options. Although I definitely would recommend this DVD, I would caution that it is not for beginners (I would suggest intermediate and above), that it contains quite a bit of impact, and finally, that the workouts themselves provide very little cool-down/stretching. I admit that bootcamp workouts aren't really my thing, but most people who like Kelly will love this workout.

Instructor Comments:
I like Kelly and thought she did a great job overall here. I don't particularly like the "bootcamp" style, though: too much impact for me, and I don't like doing push-ups/plank work during the warm-up as well as mid-workout.

Beth C (aka toaster)


This dvd has two <30 minute bootcamp (cardio and strength) workouts and a bonus <20 minute stretch workout. The dvd is chaptered very well and you can choose from warmup, workout 1, workout 2, stretch, or premixes. Under premixes you have a 55 min w/o that includes the w/u, both bootcamp w/o's and a c/d; a 30 strength only premix; a 30 minute cardio only premix; and a 22 minute stretch that includes the w/u and bonus stretch. You will need a variety of dumbbells. Kelly works out w/ 2 background exercisers in a smallish set with some posters in the background.

The warm up gets right to the point-which I like. You will do some jacks, jogging, marches and plyos to get you ready for the workout. Both workouts come in under 30 minutes and utilize mostly medium weights. You do a lot of multi muscle moves so you cant really heavy up. But by the end of the w/o my muscles were plenty worked from repetitions. For example, you do a dip w/ a lateral raise. So I used 10s w/ Kelly-while my LB wasnt feeling it my shoulders sure were! The format is 2 minutes of strength and then 2 minutes of cardio.

The cardio is all athletic type moves put together into little routines. They arent hard to follow but not as simple as the Firm choreo. Im sure you all will do just fine w/ it. Lots of plyos interspersed w/ lower impact moves so your HR gets way up there but you also get a little "break" (if you want to call it that) while your HR stays up. I was drenched in sweat by the end! She includes jacks, plyo lunges, mock jump rope, flying heel tap jacks, a baseball drill, a basketball drill, knee pulls, marching, and other fun but tough moves.

The strength is multi muscle and includes a few kettlebell inspired moves like a side lunge w/ a knee up and a swing type move w/ the dumbbell. Weighted plyo squats, push ups, walking planks, knee pull planks, squats with clean and press, curtsey dips, etc.

I didnt do the bonus stretch w/o but Kelly works out alone on the same set.

I would rate this a high intermediate workout that could easily be modified up or down. One b/g exerciser shows beginner modifications. I like Kelly though feel her cueing could be a tiny bit better. Too many of the moves are quite similar but combined in different ways, so for the choreo challenged like me-better cueing could have saved me (the tiny) bit of confusion I had. She has a good personality and energy and I am interested in trying more from me. I am a huge fan of "bootcamp" w/o's and this one DID NOT dissapoint! Great w/o with tons of premix options.



I love Kelly Coffey Meyers' workouts in general. I've tried all of her 30 Minutes to Fitness DVDs and have kept my favorites. In general, I tend to think they are all good workouts, but not all of them are for me and my exercise style and/or fit my exercise limitations. This DVD, however, is one that I just can't get into - and I'm not sure why.

As with the other DVDs in the series, this DVD gives the option of two 30-minute workouts along with a bonus stretch that a lot of people have raved about over the years and premixes. In both workouts, you do a mixture of cardio, conditioning, and strength moves, often in a drill format. You do each move for 2 minutes - although, in many cases, she'll start out with a base moves and then add variations and additional aspects throughout the 2 minutes. Many of the moves are sports based (hitting a ball, catching a ball, shooting a ball, throwing a ball, etc.).

There is a LOT of high impact in these workouts. But, Lauren offers a lot of modifications, ones that left me feeling like I was working out because they weren't lame or afterthoughts. Kelly is backed up by two background exercises and Lauren is one of them. Kelly constantly encourages you to do what's good for you - in terms of impact, weights, etc.

In writing this review, I wonder why I don't like the workout because it sounds great. So, understand me. I think that it's well done and I think that it will legitimately appeal to a lot of people. I think that the workouts are just hard on my joints and I don't enjoy the bootcamp format. And, that's a shame since my analysis is good.

Instructor Comments:
She is fun and encouraging. She clearly cues and gives lots of options.

Laura S.