The Woman's Warrior Workout

Melanie Murphy
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Am not quite sure where the warmup ended and the workout began but I really didn't think it made that much difference since the tape is only 35 minutes long. You do start slowly.

-Squat down 3, hold 3, rock 10, hold 3 and up 3-do 3x
-In squat position , cross hand in front then move the inside hand up and over and the outside hand goes back - do 20x
-In squat position, Palm-heel, one hand forward the other back -do 20x
-In squat position, hammer fist-do 20x
-Stomp and Kick
-Side kicks
-Up and Over and Backkicks
-Situps; straigth up, alternate knee to elbow, bicycle and ankle cross, knee to shoulder,do each 20x
-Sit cross-legged and relax
-Pushups, hand wide, hands under elbow, fingers in triangle, fingers facing left and finger facing right, do 2 set of 10.
-leg kicks, lying flat on floor, then on elbows, then on hands and move to kneeling, do each 10x then change side.
-On all 4s, knee raise then kick leg out, then knee to shoulder, then knee all the way back and then knee raise kick again-do each 10x change side
-Leg split and criss-cross on top 20x
-leg split, 3 down and 1 up -20x
-leg split, 3 up and 1 down -20x
-leg split around 5x
-Nice stretch.

Filmed outdoor in a wooded lot, there is no music but it didn't seem to take away from the workout.

Instructor Comments:
"One of the only 2 women in the country to hold a 4th degree black belt from the National Karate Association."