Great Abs Guaranteed

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Abs/Core

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The set on this video is similar to :08 min. Abs. It has a 30 second countdown timer at the bottom of the screen and 7 lines on the side of the screen that countdown 7 minutes. There is also a small picture of abdominal region on the screen that highlights the particular areas you are working. The video is led by Ted Horton and there are two other people working out with him on a beach. One person shows modifications for beginners. There are 7 different exercises which are done for 30 seconds each. After you complete the 7 exercises once, you start all over with the same 7 exercises. The first 2 exercises focus on the lower abs. They are hip rocks and leg lifts. The third exercise is the bicycle and the fourth exercise is the crunch. During the crunch, you squeeze and hold each repetition. The next 2 exercises are for the left and then the right obliques. The last exercise is a full-body crunch where you bring your head and your feet up. Overall, I think this is a beginner to intermediate video. It seems easier than :08 min. Abs. Another difference is that in this video you do more isometric moves - crunch and hold rather than moving at what seems like lightening speed in :08 min. Abs.

Laura Pormann