Great Abs Guaranteed

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Abs/Core

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This abs routine was included as a bonus on a DVD set that I purchased (Turbo Jam's 5 Rockin' Workouts). It is a short but tough 8-minute abs routine led by Beachbody instructor Tony Horton. Horton is on a beach with two background exercisers (one is fellow Beachbody instructor Debbie Siebers; the other I believe is named Sandy). He explains that the workout consists of a total of seven exercises which are performed for 30 seconds each (there is a countdown timer on screen) and then repeated for a second round.

The seven exercises are as follows: 1) hip rocks, 2) leg lifts, 3) bicycles, 4) isolation holds to center, 5) isolation holds to left, 6) isolation holds to right, and 7) full-body crunches. The order of the exercises is based on the theory of "sectional progression," or working all muscles of the abdominals, moving from bottom to top (there is also a graphic on screen to illustrate this).

Sandy modifies some of the moves; I've found that I need to modify a bit further so as not to strain my back. Otherwise, this is an excellent routine that can be used daily, as the abs one muscle group that doesn't require an off day for rest. Spot reduction might not be possible, but I do believe in spot toning, and this is a great routine to assist with that!

Instructor Comments:
I don't have a lot of experience with Tony Horton, although I did try a few of the original P90X workouts on loan way back when. He seems lower-key here, although he does make a joke at one point about how he never stops talking. ;)

Beth C (aka toaster)


The set on this video is similar to :08 min. Abs. It has a 30 second countdown timer at the bottom of the screen and 7 lines on the side of the screen that countdown 7 minutes. There is also a small picture of abdominal region on the screen that highlights the particular areas you are working. The video is led by Ted Horton and there are two other people working out with him on a beach. One person shows modifications for beginners. There are 7 different exercises which are done for 30 seconds each. After you complete the 7 exercises once, you start all over with the same 7 exercises. The first 2 exercises focus on the lower abs. They are hip rocks and leg lifts. The third exercise is the bicycle and the fourth exercise is the crunch. During the crunch, you squeeze and hold each repetition. The next 2 exercises are for the left and then the right obliques. The last exercise is a full-body crunch where you bring your head and your feet up. Overall, I think this is a beginner to intermediate video. It seems easier than :08 min. Abs. Another difference is that in this video you do more isometric moves - crunch and hold rather than moving at what seems like lightening speed in :08 min. Abs.

Laura Pormann