Team Knockout - Workout 3

Todd Gheisar
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Well, I did the final Team Knockout Tape and the verdict was just plain FUN. This workout was definitely higher impact than Todd's other two tapes and he works hard at keeping your heart rate up.

THE WORKOUT: Todd does a similar warm-up in this video as he did in previous ones. You can tell there is a higher energy level in his "crowd" and in himself - he is definitely pumped up for this. Todd is bare chested with red pants and a red bandana on - what more could you want! Actually, he seems very humble and not arrogant regarding his good physique. Todd gets right into some drills and then proceeds to combinations that are actual self-defense moves. He puts together unique combinations that I have not seen before. Interspersed throughout these combos are high impact jumping jacks, lateral slides and other cardio intensive moves to keep your heart rate up. The combos are fun, and he does break them down in slower tempo and then increases the speed. I would have liked a faster pace during these parts, but my heart rate was elevated again, once the combos were put together and we moved back into the high impact section.

After the cardio segment, Todd does a strength workout with dumbbells - he never takes a break and you slowly and gradually work the muscles and continuously change from one movement to another. He does not do alot of reps, but he puts everything into them. Todd also does some great squats throughout the workout. The pushup segment is challenging and his whole team is sweating big time.

I enjoyed the workout as a whole, but I wish he could have put some roping into this video. I also would have liked more repetitions on the combos. I guess I really enjoy doing movements over and over again. You will not be bored with this tape because of all the changes.

This is my favorite tape of Todd's and the one I would most recommend to advanced kickboxers. His other tapes are great for beginner and intermediate exercisers (although the chair workout on the first tape was a killer.)

I am looking forward to Todd's new tapes. His personality is topnotch and makes his workouts amazingly interesting to watch. Again, his biggest asset is his attention to perfect form and body alignment. Run, don't bob and weave to get this video.

Janet O'Neil