Team Knockout - Workout 2

Todd Gheisar
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This is a solid intermediate tape. Again, Todd gives a great deal of emphasis on form, which makes me appreciate him as an instructor. I enjoy his personality a great deal and I think we will be seeing much more of him in videos to come.

I will give a breakdown of the video by category.

THE WORKOUT: Todd begins with an instructional segment prior to the workout, which goes over proper execution of basic moves. Once you watch this section, you'll probably go to the workout, but it never hurts to review good technique. The warm-up is non-jarring and is very extended. He simulates moves that will be in the workout and gives a very thorough large muscle preparation along with good stretching. Todd gives a solid intermediate class, which is built upon the basics taught in tape 1. He uses innovative combos that are built up and put together. They are made up of blocks, kicks and jabs with an emphasis on how they are used in self-defense. He does a front snap kick combo w/jabs, a roundhouse combo and a back kick combo. I really felt this one. In between these combinations, Todd keeps your heart rate up with jumping jacks. I personally don't like jacks so I pulled out my jump rope during this section (please instructors, make more jump rope videos!) My heart rate was in my target zone, but not through the roof. Moves started slowly and then became faster, but never as fast as on Billy Blanks' tapes. There is no doubt.this is a safe, kickboxing workout with some unusual moves (i.e. palm strikes, stepping into a back kick after an elbow jab). Todd then moves onto strengthening drills with squats and standing ab work. He ends with a good stretch segment that could be longer for me because they were such solid stretches. The tape seemed too short and the time flew by.

PRODUCTION QUALITY: Average. Not the best, not the worst. Good audio.

SETTING: Basketball court, gym, urban, graffiti, city look. That's a mouthful!

THE PLAYERS: Normal people who execute the moves with good form and who seem to be having fun with Todd.

THE INSTRUCTOR: Todd must be an exciting instructor in a live class. He looks around at what people are doing and comments on them in a positive manner. He grooves with the music and always seems to be having fun. He takes his kickboxing moves seriously, however, and wants you to perform them well. I would place him on a par with Katalin for form execution.

THE MUSIC: Upbeat, motivating, not overly loud.

RATING: A-. I really want to be pushed harder and like very challenging workouts, but this level is more along the lines of Kathy Smith's kickboxing tape. A good solid workout, but you want more from him. It may be that you are having such a good time that "you just can't get enough". I am anxious to do his final, advanced tape and will report on that tomorrow. This is an instructor that I want to see more of.

Janet O'Neil