Tae Bo Inspirational

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This is a 30-minute, Basic workout, but it seems to be a bit more intense than Tae Bo II Basic 1 and 2 tapes. I certainly sweat much more! The music is provided by a gospel choir who is shown during the closing credits.

The video starts with a short 2-minute segment about Billy's faith and then goes into the workout. The warmup is almost 6 minutes and has the usual moves. The workout consists of: knee raises with arm pumps that become front kicks, left jabs, then a series that works first the left side then the right (corner jabs, double-time corners, speed bags with a leg cross, side taps with delt lifts, and punches with leg cross). Billy then moves onto hooks and uppercuts, then knee raises, then arm circles (wax on, wax off). Tired yet? Because next is jumping jacks with roundhouse kicks, followed by uppercuts, and squats with a front kick. Then he has the class do the balance drill of holding each leg up for several counts on each side. The cooldown is about 3 minutes of tai chi and stretches.

After the main workout, there is another, shorter segment of Billy talking about faith, followed by a half-hour instructional workout taught by Billy and four instructors on a dark set that I didn't watch.

Instructor Comments:
Billy is his usual, high-energy self and spends a lot of time moving among the people in the class correcting form. This being the Inspirational tape, he adds a few more comments along those lines. Shelly gets the giggles at one point, and through most of the workout she only counts to 4 instead of the full 8.

Kate Hedstrom