Tae Bo Focus: Abs & Glutes

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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taebo A&G is the only 30 minute advanced workout that billy has made.

'advanced' taebo means FAST... so it is VERY IMPORTANT that you dont feel badly if you cant keep up to the pace and miss some reps.
just do the best that you can! because this is a tough workout and it will get easier the more that you do it.

it starts with a 5 minute cardio warmup and then everyone hits the floor for the rest of the workout.

billy does a series of tough ab exercises while laying prone. then he does a butt series on hands and knees followed by a butt and back series during which you get to lie on the floor on your stomach... wheew! then he gets you to perform some sitting moves for the lower abs.

ive had this video for a few years, have done it numerous times and still enjoy it in my rotation once in a while. if you like billy and the floorwork segments in his old 'taebo live' workouts, then you will like this workout. the set and participants are the same.

this workout is only available on VHS, unfortunately.

Instructor Comments:
billy does alot of high-energy coaching during this workout because it moves at an very fast pace. he crams alot into 30 minutes.

Carolyn Visser


TYPE: Toning
LENGTH: 30 minutes
DIFFICULTY: High Intermediate
FORMAT: Floor work

After a brief warmup, you hit the floor for 30 minutes of fast-paced non-stop ab and glute work. There are no traditional crunches here. The floorwork alternates between abs, glutes, inner and outer thigh and then finishes back up with abs. The leg work is easy, the glute work burns, but the ab work is KILLER. It reminds me somewhat of P90X AbRipperX. Billy does a move similar to Crunchy Frog. He works your abs from every angle imaginable and you don't come up for air until its all over. This tape is a keeper. I intend to do it every week. This is exactly what I was looking for, an all-floorwork Taebo workout. Well done, Billy an crew!!!

PROS: A lot of intensity packed into a convenient workout length. This would be a great add-on to a shorter cardio tape. Looks like Billy put extra care to get the reps even on both sides. YAY!!

CONS: The speed of the reps and the transitions is very fast in this tape, it is easy to miss something. Akso requires strong back muscles. Not for those with lower back issues.

Instructor Comments:
I love Billy. This is a very biased review. :^)
He is his usual upbeat, motivating self.

Peggy Elliott