Tae Bo Bootcamp 2

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Want to get a dose of what it is like to climb under fences, crawl through fox holes, scale a wall? If your answer is yes, this is the workout for you. Warning! This is a very advanced workout!

In my review of Tae Bo Bootcamp 1, I said something to the effect that you should be ready to join the armed services after completing this workout. Well if you can make it all the way through Bootcamp 2, the armed services better be ready for you! This is one tough, kick butt dvd!

This workout can best be described as a cardio/toning/interval workout. The toning is done with no weights so for approximately 55 minutes, you are squating, punching, running, dipping, kicking, juming jacking, and push-upping your way through. Billy does manage to keep you on your toes by changing things up quite a bit. For example, instead of doing just regular push-ups, you will sometimes do a squat thrust then do a push-up, stand up and start all over again. He will also have you do a push-up and while in the push-up position, you will jump your legs out and in.

Squats vary somewhat too. There are lots of traditional squats but Billy will throw in a squat thrust too. This is the move where you squat, put your hands on the floor, jump both feet back, jump the feet back in, and stand. Well if these aren't tough enough, Billy then throws in squat thrusts with a run (in the squat thrust position) for 8 counts.

Now in between all these thrusts and push-ups, you are doing jumping jacks, side kicks, and tons of punches. At the end, Billy adds in some tough ab work and a tai chi like cooldown. I don't mind a tae chi like cooldowns but I really did not feel like it was enough of a stretch for this type of workout. The warm-up and stretch that were used in the begining of the workout really should have been used at the end.

Since this workout is a Goodtimes production, the same set and similar instrumental music is used as in the other Tae Bo/Goodtimes productions. Without a doubt, this is the workout that I enjoy the best of the Tae Bos post the Live Series.

Instructor Comments:
As others at VF have said, Billy is back in this one. He seems to have regained a lot of the energy and enthusiasm he had in his pre-Goodtimes workouts.