Tae Bo Bootcamp 1

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Don't know if this workout will prepare me for the armed services but I sure feel like Iím ready for active duty after I finish it! This is one KICK BUTT workout and I havenít even reviewed Bootcamp 2 yet.

At first I was not too sure about giving this workout a try. Like some others, I miss the intensity and the energy of the Live Series and was disappointed in Billyís latest workouts. Particularly, the 2004 Capture the Power Series. I consider myself to be an advanced exerciser that loves intensity minus tons of high impact and complicated moves. I also love kickboxing. With all that being said, here are some of my thoughts on Billyís Bootcamp 1 workout.

This is a true bootcamp workout. It is a mixture of cardio and strength training without weights. So if you venture into Billyís bootcamp territory, expect to do lots of push-ups and squats. The push-ups you do arenít your ordinary push-ups either. In some of the moves he has you hold the push-up in the down position for a couple of counts and come up. He also has you walk forward in the push-up position on your toes, do a push up, and come back. Squat thrusts are also included where you squat, put your hands on the floor, shoot your legs back, shoot your legs forward, and stand back up. You do this like a gazillion times! Ok maybe not that much but it feels like it.

Traditional Tae Bo/kickboxing moves are also included in this workout for the cardio sections like your roundhouse kicks, front knee raises, and kicks to the front and back. The only real high impact moves are some jumping jacks and those can be modified. Speaking of moves, there is a crab walk like move where you walk backwards on your feet (feet flat to the ground) and hands with your knees facing up and then flip over and walk on your hands and toes with your knees facing the ground. Not sure if this was cardio or strength. Probably both. Whatever it was, it was hard. Again, this is just Bootcamp 1!

The music is ok. Not bad but not anything really memorable either. It was something instrumental. Billy and the gang are all dressed in army fatigue-like fitness wear which at first seemed kinda corny. I wouldnít say it bothered me though. Anyone who completes this workout has earned the right to wear fatigues just for the mere fact you survived! Like most of Billyís workouts, you donít need a lot of room either to do it.

To sum it up, I must say I am more than satisfied with this one. A keeper and one that I can see myself doing often. Again, it is not like the Live series (I fear we wonít get anything like these again - I miss the great music) but in some ways, I like this one better. It is intense but the moves are more controlled and there is so much variety. The time really flies by fast whenever I do it. After my disappointment with the 2004 Capture the Power Series, Billy has truly made up for it with Tae Bo Bootcamp 1.

Instructor Comments:
Billy Blanks is one of a kind! He is very motivating and exzudes an energy that is contagious. You can tell he loves what he does. His counting is off, like in other workouts of his, but the workout is basic and easy to follow.