Real Kickboxing Bag Workout

Danny Sullivan
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Danny Sullivan's Real Kickboxing Bag Workout boxed set includes four DVDs:

• Instructional Workout and Beginners' Workout
• Intermediate Workout
• Advanced Workout
• 20 Minute Workout

As its name implies, the set has a very "infomercial" feel, from the "Learn Real Kickboxing! Have Fun! Stay Fit! Lose Weight! Feel Great!" exhortations on the box, which appear again on the screen at the beginning of each workout, to the "Danny Sullivan's Real Kickboxing Bag Workout" logo on the window of the workout studio, which is also present on the bottom left-hand side of the screen throughout the entire workout.

Intermediate Workout: This workout starts with two minutes of jump-roping, followed by mobility drills for the shoulders, arms and hips, then squats and lunges to warm up the lower body. The actual workout consists of six increasingly complex two-minute rounds followed by an all out 10-30 second "blitz". Danny demonstrates and talks you through each round beforehand. While you are punching and kicking the bag, a voiceover guy calls out each move. This means you can focus on your form without needing to look at the screen, and is one of the better features of this set. If you do look at the screen, you'll see a countdown timer for each round. The workout finishes with a lengthy cool-down, something which many workout DVDs overlook.

I was a little disappointed that the actual workout (minus the warm-up, cool-down and stretching) is only about 20 minutes long, although I can certainly work up a respectable sweat in this time. The abs and stretching section intersperses traditional athletic stretches with core strengthening exercises. I found this rather odd, and would have preferred the core and stretching segments to be separate.

Advanced Workout: This workout follows a similar format to the Intermediate Workout with less instruction, and more complex combinations done at a faster pace. It consists of eight two-minute rounds and, minus the warm-up, cool-down and stretching, clocks in at about 22 minutes. I think the set would have been improved if the advanced workout were considerably longer.

20 Minute Workout This workout uses footage from the intermediate workout, with much of the instruction edited out, and would be good once you are familiar with the intermediate workout.

In summary: This package is a good acquisition for heavy bag owners. And while many DVD workouts are marketed to all levels, I think this set is one you could actually learn kickboxing from, and grow with. As advertised, it is also pure kickboxing, allowing you to focus on your form without the "filler moves" which often pad out kickboxing DVDs.

Ratings out of five:
Production values *****
Workout design ****
Instruction *****
Fun factor *****
Music **
Meets expectations ****
Overall ****

Instructor Comments:
Danny Sullivan comes across as a very experienced and encouraging — if rather over-caffeinated — instructor.



I've tried lots of different At-Home Fitness Videos/DVDs. I have to agree that they are fun and effective at first, but most of them get boring, less challenging and I didn't see the results that I wanted. Not because they weren't good workouts, but to me, they were not that fun and I often times wasn't motivated with the workout or the instructor.

Just recently, I purchased Real Kickboxing. Danny Sullivan, owner and head instructor of OC Kickboxing and Martial Arts created the first Real Kickboxing workout at home, on a bag! It's by far the best workout I've ever done at home. The only drawback is that you need to purchase the bag and equipment to do the workout. You can buy the complete kit at The kit consists of the following, but you can purchase the videos/DVD's alone or in a bundle:

1) Set of 4 DVD's - 5 workouts
₯ Instructional Workout
₯ Beginning Workout
₯ Intermediate Workout
₯ Advanced Workout
₯ 20 Minute Workout

2) Heavy Duty Freestanding Punching Bag - Rev Gear
3) Boxing Gloves (choice of colors - Black, Red or Pink and 12oz or 16oz)
4) Hand Wraps - 120" Elastic
5) Jump Rope - Revgear Nylon Adjustable Jump Rope

The 5 Workouts are very easy to follow for beginners, yet very fluid for those who pick things up quickly and are more advanced.

₯ Instructional Workout - This focuses on the basics of kickboxing, how to wrap your hands, teaches the main punches, kicks, etc.

Each of the workouts start off with skip/jump roping to get your heart pumping and to get your blood flowing throughout your body. What is great about jump roping is you can go at your own speed and skill. Sometimes I do it without a jump rope and either jog in place or jump in place.

After the 2 minutes of jump roping, Danny guides you through a warm-up/stretch phase. This isn't your typical warm-up. Like any at-home fitness program you can go at your own pace, but Danny incorporates some awesome stretches and warm-up moves to really get you pumping. Not only do you prepare your body for the Workout, but you are already sweating and burning calories during the warm up!

Each bag workout is separated into rounds. It starts from easy combinations and gets a bit more challenging as the rounds progress. After each 2 minute round, there is a 10-30 second "blitz" round. What makes this program so great is that Danny guides you step by step. Not only does he encourage you as you workout, but also there is a "call" that guides you on the moves. So, if you are uncoordinated like me, you can hear the "jab", "cross", "hooks", so you know what the next moves and combinations are. As you get better and improve, then you can wean yourself from having to keep your eye on the TV, you can listen to the calls and concentrate more on your form than on the TV screen.

Danny ends the bag workout with the cool down and abs. He introduces some different stretches and a very kick-ass abs workout. What is great about his abs workout is that he teaches you exercises that target your abs so you can see results faster with less repetition. He also works on your core, which a lot of workouts forget to do.

I've never been as satisfied with an at-home workout system as I am with the Real Kickboxing workout. Danny uses an energetic blend of music that makes it fun to work out to. Not only is it fun, the program gives you the opportunity to work out at your own level and you can challenge yourself by kicking harder or faster and punching stronger.

I feel great, confident and recommend Real Kickboxing to men and women of all ages. It is really worth the investment.

Instructor Comments:
Danny is a fun, charismatic and motivating instructor. He talks and guides you through the entire workout and pushes you to the end. He has such an animated personality and is very likeable.

Throughout the workout, it seems as if he is right there in my living room with me. He is constantly praising us (at home) and telling us “You can do it”, “I know you can”.

Danny is very fit and has an extensive background in kickboxing and martial arts and is a certified personal fitness trainer as well.

Joy Joseph