The Firm: Firm Abs

Nancy Tucker
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Abs/Core

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There are 3 workout segments in this video, each one progressively more challenging. When I did the first one, I thought, hmmm, maybe I'll trade this. During the second one, Nancy did some challenging planks and used the sculpting stick to add some muscle to lower and upper body crunches. I thought hmmm, a little harder and more interesting. I was convinced to keep it during the third and most difficult segment. The side planks were super difficult (my legs were stacked and out straight like hers). You held the sculpting stick on your side while you lifted up and down and then you lifted up and did rotations. I was maxed out by those. Nancy is a complete pro, although she made one verbal slip but caught herself (saying supine instead of prone). There is a lot of variety as usual in Firm videos and you do use the stick and fanny lifter throughout. I did the whole video at one time, which was a very good ab workout. As usual in the Firm videos, there are alot of rhythm changes and some new twists on upper body rotations and crunches adding in leg lifts. One of my favorite parts was in workout 3 where you were on your back, head down and you did double leg walks in the air, then singles, then bicycles. Nancy kept changing the moves slightly by adding some upper body in so you wound up doing these ALOT - very tough. Great workout, usual good stuff from The Firm.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Nancy. She is a class act and very professional in her presentation. Her voice is soothing and calming in the midst of a tough workout. One interesting thing about Nancy and the background participants - they were all wearing black which really looked nice. I never noticed the workout clothes before in any of the Firm videos, except for the original 6 (because the clothes were so colorful).

Janet O'Neil