P90X+: Kenpo Cardio Plus

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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UGH! I really cannot stand this workout. Kickboxing workouts should be somewhat choreographed, and this is just drills. Nothing is more irritating to me than "do this one move over and over again". To me, that is not instructing! In terms of intensity, I find the workout rather easy from a cardio perspective. Turbo Fires and Cathe's KPC are much more difficult by comparison.



A great break-down of the moves is already given, but I want to add a few comments. I love this workout, but I find that it starts a bit slow and is too short. A few of the moves in the first two rounds are a little awkward and counter-intuitive, so there is more of a learning curve than I thought there would be. The Claw, Hammer, Kick moves from side to side, and I find the kick along with the directional change a little awkward. But, it gets more fluid, and therefore more intense, with practice.

I always redo the third round (=four times since Tony does each round two times), and sometimes I do the second and third round both twice. I also wear weighted gloves. These changes make it a more advanced workout. When I have time, I like to follow up with Core X+ which is a nice complement to Kenpo X+.

The third round of Kenpo X+ is one of my favorite sequences in all the kickboxing workouts I have. The Gladiator move is fun and tough its a jump kick with a hard and controlled punch to the ground. You feel it everywhere! The High Block, Knee kick Burnout is a fast paced alternation between upper body blocks (which have the effect of hooks) and knee smashes. Spinning Swords are great for the triceps if you really contract the arm muscles and work the move.

I hope Tony makes another Kenpo workout, a KenpoX++, that is an hour long.

Instructor Comments:
Although there is some joking around, for the most part Tony is serious in this workout.



Warm up - 6:07
Jab, Cross, Shuffle - :34
Hook, Upper Cut, Shuffle - :33
Jab, Step, Cross - :30
Double Hammer, Lunge Sword - :30
Low Block, Hammer, Front Kick (R) - :29
Low Block, Hammer, Front Kick (L) - :31
Side Speed Kicks - :57
Cardio break - :60
Jab, Upper Cut, Back Kick (R) - :30
Jab, Upper Cut, Back Kick (L) - :30
Claw, Hammer Lunge - :30
Claw, Hammer, Kick - :30
Backfist, Hammer, Knee Kick, Front Kick (R) - :27
Backfist, Hammer, Knee Kick, Front Kick (L) - :30
Elbow, Sword, Back Kick - 1:04
Cardio Break - :60
The Gladiator (R) - :27
The Gladiator (L) - :30
Spinning Sword - :29
Spinning Sword, Back Hammer - :30
Double sword, knee kick, back kick (R) - :30
Double sword, knee kick, back kick (L) - :29
High Block, Knee kick Burn out - 1:20
Cardio Break - :60
Cooldown - 2:40

Instructor Comments:
Tony is a great instructor. He jokes around but not over the top in these workouts. The background exercisers are Tracy M. who is a December 2004 Success Story and Mark Briggs who is a 2003 Success Story who won a trip to Hawaii.

Dawn Henson