MTV Body Rock

Allan Aranzamendez
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This video is great for those of us who love dance music and hate the music on all those other work out videos. This video is great for beginners and is easy to pick up on right away. This video has stayed in my collection the longest of all the others. This is a great low impact workout.

Instructor Comments:
The instructor is very down to earth easy to follow.



I'm reviewing this without actually doing it, so take it for what it's worth! After previewing it, I really have no desire to spend any time on it. It's a beginner/low-intermediate kickboxing workout. The instructor is really good (and not too bad to look at either!). It "features" Amy Acuff, Olympic high jumper, who throws in some comments from time to time. Why they picked her, I'll never know. I'm sure she's great at high jumping, but kickboxing is not one of her talents. In fact, she doesn't even appear to be making an effort. She seems to be extremely bored. This video might appeal to the age 18 to 22 crowd (because of the music), but I don't think the majority of VFers would get much out of it. I should also mention that there is one song where the singer is *repeatedly* saying something about "I saw you shaking your ass." (Or something like that.) I don't consider myself a prude, but I did think the song was inappropriate. Why in heaven's name would they pick a song like that? Heck, it didn't even have a good beat! :) Maybe my old age of 40 is showing, but I didn't appreciate that song. I also wouldn't mind seeing Collage put a little note about it in their description of the video, just in case there are others who would prefer not to listen to it.

Annie S.