Kung Fu Step Circuit Workout

Dorri Li
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This is a followup to the Kung Fu Step Workout (KFSW), interspersing body sculpting using either weights or bands with a vigorous Kung Fu-based step workout. This is a much faster-paced tape than its predecessor and some of the moves the moves are higher impact.

The same set is used as in the KFSW, but the music is faster and the moves are done at a faster pace. I had problems keeping up - and I really like KFSW and do it several times a month! The routines intersperse front, cross, side, roundhouse, and back kicks with different punches and blocks. There was also a little more emphasis on balance and control. I thought it was a very effective routine and it used the step well. I've done the body sculpting with bands and find that I don't get a very good arm workout doing that - I recommend using dumb bells instead of bands to get the most out of the arms portion of the workout. Dorri's form is perfect on the sculpting portion - I think she's the one to watch rather than the 2 background people. In addition, there were two sets of 16 push ups done off the step. For leg work, she does static lunges (I think that's what they're called) and I definitely felt it in my quads (I do Firm's TT and Cathe's MIS for strength training). The aerobic portion is listed on the box as 28 minutes. In addition to the aerobics and body sculpting, there's a warm-up, stretch, cooldown, and tai chi meditation. The tape is a total of 55 minutes, but the time flies because the workout is divided up into 5-10 minute sections. Throughout the workout, Dorri Li reminds you about correct form and is gently encouraging - no whooping (Whoopee!!!!!).

I was surprised at how much more difficult this workout was than its predecessor. Some of the moves were the same as KFSW, but they were sequenced differently and at a much quicker pace. My one criticism is that one of the heart rate checks is after a sculpting section after my heart rate had slowed considerably.

In summary, this will not replace a Firm or Cathe MIS/PS tape for strength/body scultping, but it's a nice mix of Kung Fu-based aerobic moves on the step with some body sculpting work. Power Kicks is definitely more intense, but with this tape I can keep a straight face looking at the background exercisers. I haven't done Tae Bo so I can't make that comparison. I got this tape on the exchange and will keep it until I feel I've mastered the kicking portion. I wish Dorri Li would put out more tapes like this and KFSW.

Instructor Comments:
I like her style - she's no nonsense, but gently encouraging - lots of form reminders.

Jackie D