Kardio Kombat: The Power & Strength

Lisa Gaylord
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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A Sara-City Workout production for group fitness instructors and other fitness followers, Lisa gives quality cueing and instruction (but it's a LOT of talking) throughout the actual workout and gives great detail to the mind/ body connection of kickboxing. She is extremely motivating as she is graceful and powerful in demonstrating the exercises: she is a true martial artist. The workout is 50 minutes and includes a bonus 25 minutes of lecture.

I'm assuming this is the same Lisa Gaylord from the Reebok Power Blast video (I've never seen it, yet) but if you liked her in that, you'll love her in Power & Strength.

I recommend this video to those fellow kickboxing instructors wishing to add an extra "kick" to their classes, or to the VF "vidiot" who'd like to get more from kickboxing! In any matter, be prepared to be talked to...a LOT!

Myra Marangi