IntenSati Intention And Power

Patricia Moreno
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Full disclosure: I received a free review copy of this workout.

OK. Anyone who knows me well would be shocked that I would even request this DVD, must less do it - and forget about enjoying it! It is way more New-Agey than I generally care for and it reminds me of The Secret - a philosophy I don't subscribe to at all. Despite all that, I REALLY enjoy this workout. I would never do it in front of another person, but I love the feel of my workout space when I do it on my own. I do it a spiritual time as well as a physical/workout time when I put in this DVD.

It is one of those workouts that is really difficult to describe though, so I'll give it my best shot. The best way for me to describe it is that is a combination of a simple cardio workout with some toning and balance emphasis married to affirmations and the development of a positive mindset.

The workout is comprised of four segments: warm up, upper body, lower body, cool down/meditation. The segments include mostly low-impact cardio moves that target that part of the body and they are done while you speak affirmation. The moves are all really simple, although Patricia includes appropriate form pointers when you need to pay attention to the moves themselves. She does include some high impact moves, but I just do the lower impact option she covers first.

Upper body: She starts with the arm patterns and then adds in lower-body movement. The arm patterns include scirssoring the arms, arm circles, overhead reaches, and punches. After you get down the physical moves, she adds an affirmation. The affirmations in this section are all very similar and the pattern is easy to learn. This series is repeated several times, including changing the affirmations to statements about myself.

Lower body: The movements include different types of lunges and squats and she adds balance postures. Again, you get the moves down and then you add affirmations. In this case, there are 2-3 different groups of moves with different affirmations. When you put the moves all together (and they are also repeated several times), the different affirmations combine into one longer one.

Like the rest of the workout, the setting is different - I like it. It looks like a loft with dark wood floors and a brick wall at the back. The colors of the decorations (throw pillows, curtains, candles, etc.) are gold and crimson and orange.

I like the music. It is instrumental and seems well suited to the workout. Patricia is backed up by 5 background exercisers, all of whom I watched while doing my moves. Each section can be played individually from the menu or you can Play All. I've only ever started at the beginning and gone until I was ready to stop.

Patricia is encouraging and motivating in this workout. She tells you to focus on your intentions, how you want your life to be, and argues that you can shape the life you want. However, this all means that she talks THE WHOLE TIME. If you want your instructor to not talk sometimes, this is not a DVD for you. Sometimes, she stands still and explains the positive aspect of the affirmations while the background exercisers continue with the moves.

I found this workout to be deceptively challenging. I got a stronger cardio workout than I thought I would. Plus, liked the balance aspect of the workout. The lower-body section was supposed to have some toning aspect to it, but I found that section to give me a cardio effect as well. I ended up sweating through it - not badly, but enough that I knew I had worked out. Plus, I got into the positive-thinking aspect of this DVD and enjoyed starting my day on such a positive note.

Instructor Comments:
She is incredibly good in this workout. You can tell that she really believes in this program and she does a good job of explaining what she wants and motivating you do follow along - both physically and emotionally.

Laura S.


This workout is very different from anything I have tried. It is difficult to classify, but I'll try my best :) For me, the best way to describe it is a moving meditation. You do a series of simple cardio moves while you repeat positive affirmations over and over. The focus of the workout is really the affirmations.

I believe that the logic behind it is this: if you move while repeating the affirmations, the affirmation will stick with you better and become more "alive for you." You put movement, literally and figuratively, behind your intentions and thought. Groovy :) She even says at one point that you can either concentrate on your fatigue (soreness, balance issues) or concentrate on your affirmations. It's like you're replacing something negative (your negative thoughts, bad balance, etc.) with something positive (positive affirmations, better balance, etc.). She even adds in a mudra or two to focus your intention.

Patricia has the most positive attitude and you can tell she is sincere in what she is doing. On the main menu, there is an interview where she tells you about the program and you can see clips of what she is doing in her studio in NY. You can also see how to use the video, fellow exerciser interviews, read more about life coaching and its benefits, and credits.

On to the workout:

The workout is broken down into four parts: warm up, upper body, lower body, and meditation/cool down. Each section has low impact cardio moves that target that part of the body, done to a positive affirmation. Each section can also be done individually or all together.

The moves are simple. For upper body: arms crossing in front of the body while doing scissor moves with the feet, arm circles, overhead reaches and punches in a series that is repeated several times. After the moves are repeated, she'll add an affirmation. The moves get faster and faster and so does the affirmation.

For lower body: The movements are long lunging, squatting, and balancing postures. For cool down/meditation: some basic yoga moves ending in savasana.

The setting is lovely. It's like a brick walled loft with dark wood floors, vibrant throw pillows, bright curtains, and candles. There's also a buddha statue. Lots of golds, crimsons, oranges. Relaxing and woo woo inducing. I believe Patricia is accompanied by four or five people, three women and two men.

Now, this program is not for everyone. You need a VERY open mind LOL! You also need to be in the right place to receive it. If you are not into positive thinking type programs, be they books or meditations, stay clear away from this. This workout is very, very, VERY woo woo.

PROS: From a strictly mental side, this is a great workout. At first, it can seem corny to say positive phrases like "Every day, in every way, I am stronger. YES!" But once you start to concentrate on the words and less on how tired you get, you really start to get into it. Patricia is encouraging throughout, telling you to focus on your intentions, how you want your life to be, and basically that you decide how you want your future to be. Very positive! From the cardio aspect, this is an deceptively challenging workout. I would easily put it along with one of Leslie's. When you do all the moves and keep up with them, you do feel it. And you'll sweat. Plus, when you talk throughout the whole workout, you get more tired than if you kept quiet.

CONS: Patricia talks through the WHOLE thing. I mean, besides the affirmations that you do DURING the exercise. This is a good and bad thing, because there's so much talking going on that you sometimes catch yourself not listening to what she's saying and working out, or vice versa.

Instructor Comments:
Patricia means what she says in this workout! Very sincere. Who knows, she may have had a life changing experience that caused her to create this program. I am very impressed with it.



I love it. It's a unique program, and very energizing and rejuvenating. I was fortunate to attend Patricia's New Year's Eve Inten-Sati workshop. She was amazing.

Instructor Comments:
Patricia is an awesome instructor. She's sincere, caring, encouraging, and committed to integrated fitness and wellness.



Patricia Moreno, co-creator of Powerstrike, has introduced the first DVD of her creation, IntenSati. I thought it was awesome, and I am a fitness instructor and have done lots of DVDs. For those of you who know Patricia Moreno, you know she is an incredible instructor and an incredible motivator. I do not think she has done any other videos since PowerStrike.
IntenSati is literally the practice of being aware of your intentions and performing as such. What makes IntenSati unique is Patricia’s use of small, but powerful, sayings with each movement. These are positive affirmations like, “I am strong!, I am focused!, I CAN, YES!!” And as you perform movements you repeat these words over and over again. The idea is to clear your mind of any negativity towards yourself, your peers, your workout, or your life, for that moment of your life, and focus on what you desire. And ultimately, those positive thoughts will stay with you as you leave your workout and enter into the life you live everyday.
The DVD is broken into four sections. A warm-up, upper body cardio, lower body, and yoga/meditation. Each part can be done individually or combined as an entire workout. The beauty of this video is that you can do any one section and feel physically and mentally challenged. So if you are pressed for time, you can still get a workout in only a few minutes.
The workout itself is as difficult as you are willing to make it. In the upper body cardio section, Patricia uses very simple upper body movements like arm circles, overhead reaches and punches in a series that is repeated several times. She introduces each movement and the affirmation that goes with it, then puts the entire sequence together. The lower body sequence has a graceful yet powerful feel. The movements are long lunging and balancing postures. Your leg strength and endurance as well as balance are really challenged in this series. The lower body section has much more of a mind/body feel to it. Finally, Patricia ends with a yoga stretch and meditation. After the initial stretch Patricia guides you through a meditation that draws from the affirmations you use during the workout. She has a remarkable way of taking you deep into your body, allowing you to remove yourself from distractions that cloud your mind.
At first, I was thrown off by Patricia’s requests to repeat these phrases while I was working out. But when I started to listen to what I was saying and hear everyone joining in, it didn’t seem awkward at all. And the more I spoke the words, the louder I became, and I found myself wanting to reach higher, and stretch farther, and go beyond the level of intensity I had previously been. I felt like I could do better and better with each series, and I WANTED to push harder and be better. And as tired as I was, I was NOT going to let up. The workout went so beyond what I had ever done. That’s what I think you get from this workout, if you choose to do it. Patricia encourages you to do your very best and to not give in to those voices that are telling you that you are tired, or distracted, or just can’t do it. And if you feel that the movements are “too easy”, she encourages you to challenge yourself and make them work for you. You can do it and she has found the way to help you understand that. Everyone on the video is clearly feeling that as well. Even in the comfort of your home, her message rings loud. I have done this workout a few times and am often overcome with emotion when I finish. It reminds me that in everything I do, I choose to be at my very best.
IntenSati is really a fantastic mental and physical workout and like no workout video you have ever seen. Patricia is truly a master in her field and it is clear that she loves and believes in what she is doing. She is easy to follow and the workout is great for exercisers of any level. The DVD quality is great, and the set is beautiful. She has a web site,, which is where I bought my DVD. She also has a life coaching and weight loss coaching part of her business.

Instructor Comments:
Patricia is an incredible instructor and motivator. It is clear that she loves her work and that she wants the best for her students. Her cues are easy to follow, as are her movements. Patricia really knows how to get the most out of a workout, physically and mentally.

Betsy C