Kari Anderson
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Abs/Core

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Iím reviewing this workout after doing it a couple of times in the year or two that Iíve had this video.

General workout breakdown: In this 20-minute or so workout Kari includes traditional moves and some with a little twist, but none are so crazy you wonít figure out whatís going on. This isnít a video where you switch moves every 30 seconds; instead, Kari will vary the tempo or perhaps have you lift or lower your legs or even combine two moves together to add a little variety. The focus is primarily on the abs (upper, mid, lower, and obliques), but there are a few short exercises for the back at the end.

Level: Iíd recommend this to at least an experienced beginner through a high intermediate in abs work. Some modifications are shown for people with a little less or a little more strength and/or flexibility. Iím almost at a solidly intermediate level of Pilates, and I find this still gives me enough of a challenge.

Class: 5 women and 3 men who are all fit but ďnormal-lookingĒ do every single exercise. Kari switches between demonstrating the moves; walking around to correct gently, encourage, or push her exercisers; and talking to the camera while using an exerciser to demonstrate the moves.

Music: Upbeat beat-heavy music with a few vocals. Itís better (i.e. more motivating and more pleasant) than the average exercise video stuff.

Set: The exercisers are on a large neutral-colored carpet over wood floors in a bright interior space. Thereís a window with a curtain over it in the back, with Kariís platform in front. The walls on either side of the window are bright colors (blue, orange, pink).

Production: Great picture and sound. The camera angles donít change too quickly and are overall very helpful.

Equipment: none (except maybe a mat). All participants wear sneakers.

Space Requirements: You need enough space to lie down with your arms and hands extended; you should also have a little room to each side.

DVD Notes: Thereís an intro by Kari, where she explains a little bit about this workout and gives you a crash course on anatomy. The routine itself is another chapter (and is not broken up within that chapter).

Conclusion: This is a great abdominals workout. I just donít do it because Iíve switched over to using Pilates almost exclusively for core strength. But if I did more traditional workouts focusing on the abs, I bet Iíd use this DVD a lot.

Instructor Comments:
Kari is upbeat and positive but not at all annoying. She has a sense of humor and a great rapport with her exercisers (calling each by name and even anticipating some of their problems and/or abilities to do more). She includes a lot of form tips and pointers.



This is a great little ab workout. There is nothing new or different offered in the moves, but you still feel your muscles working. You are given the standard ab exercises, and there are a few super-mans thrown in at the end to help strengthen the back. Kari does not really do any of the exercises herself, but she will set you up to make sure that you are in proper position before you begin each new segment. Then she moves around the class of other exercisers and offers pointers on form.

The other exercisers look like they have been pulled out of any YMCA and asked to take part in a video. They look real, and no one is there to show off their ability or to make love to the camera. But in reality, I hardly watch the workout at all. I just focus on Kariís cues (which are excellent), and check to make sure I am using correct form. I did notice that the camera work is a little shaky every now and then. Even though it is mildly irritating while I watch the television lying on my side, it is definitely not a mark against the production or the instruction of the workout.

Instructor Comments:
This is my first workout led by Kari, but I really liked her. Her purpose was to give me a good ab workout, and she did exactly that!

Tracy (Lulu Belle)


Abs workouts are my least favorite type of strength work. I just donít enjoy it. I do like Pilates and have strengthened my core mainly through those workouts. Traditional abs work is one of those things I feel like I SHOULD do, but donít really feel like much of the time. For me, itís sort of like eating green vegetablesÖ

I have wanted to try this workout for awhile now. I couldnít trade for it, so I ended up buying it. I like it Ė as much as I can like a non-Pilates ab workout. She does mainly crunch variations with a large group of exercisers. She does much of the workout, but also gets up to point out good form with various exercisers. Even when she is doing the moves herself, she is constantly stressing form. The music is good and instrumental and she uses the beat of the music to keep you on track with the exercises. As with other workouts, she is encouraging and motivating. (She must be to keep me involved in the workout!)

For those that love their killer abs workouts, this probably isnít the workout for you. But, for those that want a challenging workout that isnít a killer, itís a good one to try.

Instructor Comments:
Kari is one of my most favorite instructors. In this workout, she is encouraging and very specific in her instruction.

Laura S.


I'm not real big on ab workouts, in fact, I do my best to avoid them. LOL. I've been looking for a good ab workout, and I've found it!! Curl is about 20 minutes in length and includes traditional ab work, core work, and lower back work. Kari works every part of your abs! I wouldn't say this is a "killer" ab work, but heck, that's what I *liked* about it. She gives about 5 minutes of instruction at the beginning of the workout, including a great description of your different ab muscles.

Some of the moves include; basic crunches, oblique twists (in various positions), reverse curls, the bicycle, and some core-type exercises. NO planks! Yea!

The music was great, and went well with the routine. Kari demos the moves, and then walks around the class members, encouraging them.

Of all my ab workouts; this one is my new favorite. Two thumbs up, Kari!!

Instructor Comments:
Kari shines in this video. Great instruction and form. I love the new haircut.

Suzanne M.


This is a 20 minute abdominal workout "straight from the gym" Apparently it's one of the most popular classes at Pro-Robics. The exercises are mainly traditional ab work, but Kari gets creative with different beats and angles, and sometimes does sets that combine 2 moves.

Here is a rough summary of the moves
- Crunches
- Oblique twists Ė slow, regular and fast with your hand reaching outside the opposite knee.
- Lifting one knee at a time, then adding shoulders for more oblique work.
- Straight leg reverse curl, then reaching for one foot at a time
- Reverse crunches, then add
upper body crunches
- Bicyles with and without upper
- Negative sit-ups (you start at
45 degrees and slowly roll down
to the floor)
- Supermans (supermen?)
- Standing side bends
- Stretch

The entire workout is 20 minutes long. Throughout, Kari gives lots of form pointers and is very encouraging. The music is techno. The class shows some modifications (i.e. for those who are less flexible or those with stronger abs).

I have to admit that I will rarely spend 20 minutes on abs unless itís non-traditional work, but I thought this was a good workout. You could probably break it up into shorter sections.

Class: The class is fairly large with a nice mix of ages, sizes and shapes. The set is pretty simple Ė Kari is on a platform in front of the class but often gets up and walks around to check form.

Instructor Comments:
Kari is encouraging and motivating, as usual. She seems to have a good rapport with the class - she will use students as examples when they show modifications.

Caroline Kim