Gold's Gym Cardio Mix

Year Released: 1995

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

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I bought this video on impulse at Suncoast for $11.99. For an impulse buy, it's not bad.

The video consists of a warmup (too short - you might want to do a little more on your own), 20 minutes of hi-lo (mostly low-impact) floor aerobics, 20 minutes of boxing aerobics (not kickboxing, just boxing), 20 minutes of step, and a cooldown.

The hi-lo section strikes me as good for beginner to intermediate folks. The choreography is interesting, but not especially complicated. I consider myself intermediate to advanced, and Russ takes a little too long to teach the moves for my taste, and I struggle to keep my heartrate high enough during this section. I have to add some higher impact moves.

The next section is the boxing section. I do like this section the best. Unlike in many boxing videos, you do actual combinations, not just 8 jabs, then 8 hooks, then 8 uppercuts, etc. The choreography in this section is a little more complicated and very fun. Also, the intensity is higher 'cause you do many "boxer shuffle" type moves where you work those calves, and you do jump roping moves which also work those calves.

The final section is step. I like this section the least because the choreography is very basic. Lots of basic steps, turn steps, repeaters, knee-ups, etc. Again, I think this would be good for people who are new to step, but not so great for people with more experience.

I think this tape is very versatile. You could just do one 20-minute section, or you could do two or three. Right now the main thing I do is tack the boxing section onto other tapes, and use the hi-lo and step sections as cooldowns to other tapes.

The set is your standard aerobics studio, but with the Gold's Gym logo and colors (bright reds and yellows!), and the music is good but not especially memorable. Oh, another thing worth mentioning is that through the whole tape, they do show one person doing lower-intensity modifications. Another reason I think this tape would be best for people newer to working out.

Instructor Comments:
There are 3 women and 2 men doing this workout, and each segment is taught by a different person. Russ does the hi-lo, and he's very good. He breaks down the moves well, and has a very friendly, upbeat personality. Charmaine (?) teaches the boxing, and she inspires confidence because she's got a very muscular physique, and she has a very calm, lowkey way of teaching. Can't remember the step teacher's name, but she does fine. A little off in her cuing sometimes, but no big deal.

Mary Truscott


Like Annie, I got this tape for a bargain price and it was well worth it. I really used this video alot before I got into CIA. There are three 20-minute aerobic sections - Russ leads the hi/lo, which is a lot of fun, great music. Then the best section, Germaine with boxing - this is what a boxing video should be like - no jum rope, just high impact moves that really got my heartrate up - she is a great instructor. Then came Kelly with an acceptable, simple step workout. This tape is a rare find and if you have the good luck to see it, you should grab it.

maryann parker


I've become very attached to this video! I've done it 3 times now, and it shows no sign of getting boring. This is a 70-minute workout divided into 3 cardio sections (20 minutes each), plus a warmup and cooldown.

The first section is traditional hi/lo. The teacher, Russ, is fantastic, and creative with his choreography. He starts off with basic movements, then adds turns and other variations you can add at your option. Therefore, a beginner could do this by just doing the basic movements at first and then gradually adding the variations. The intensity is at an intermediate level. However, you may find your heart rate going down during some of the teaching parts -- where he's showing a new combo. You can keep your heart rate up by making bigger movements, or, if you've already done the video, you can just go ahead and do the "final" version of the combo, where he's added in all the steps. This section gets an A from me!

The second section is cardio boxing. Wow! If all boxing videos are this good, I'm going to have to get some! I expected this to be my least favorite section, but it's superb! Although there are some low-impact steps, most of it is VERY high impact. Even though I've been doing high impact for many years, my calves and feet really feel this one. So, if you don't like that, this part might not be for you. One person shows low-impact moves, but it doesn't look very intense that way. The instructor, Charmaine, starts with explanations of the moves, such as upper cuts, punches, etc. You do them with her, and this part is aerobic but not choreographed. Then you move into a choreographed routine that she builds onto a little at a time. This is the most intense of the three workouts -- I'd call it intermediate level. The music for this section is upbeat and invigorating (as with the other sections, too). This boxing workout gets an A+.

The final section is step aerobics. Since I do this entire tape all at once, I do *not* like the fact that the step is at the end. My legs are tired from the hi/lo and boxing, and I have a tendency to trip over the step at the beginning of the workout if I don't watch myself. Kelly is the instructor, and she's very good except for the fact that at the beginning she starts on the wrong beat a couple of times, which makes it hard to follow. But then she improves, and the rest of the workout is fine. The steps are mostly basic/intermediate, and the intensity is intermediate. She includes a few more-advanced steps as well, such as pendulums and runs up on the bench. It's fun, but it needs to be at the beginning of the video. I give this part a B+, mostly because of being off-beat at the beginning.

Instructor Comments:

There are 4 instructors: Kathy (I think) teaches the warmup. She mixes up left and right a couple of times. Russ teaches the hi/lo workout. He's great. Some of his mannerisms remind me of Jeff Vandiver, but they don't look anything alike. Russ is fun and has excellent choreography. Charmaine teaches the cardio boxing section. What a body! Also a top-notch instructor. I'd like to take some of her classes! Kelly teaches the step section as well as the cooldown. A couple of times at the beginning of each section, she seems to start on the wrong beat. It's distracting, but then it all works out okay.

You must get this video! I got it at Best Buy for $8.99.

Annie S.