GI Jabb: Beginner Tape

Katalin Zamiar
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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The beginner tape is an excellent workout, regardless of it being called a beginner tape. I found the Tae Bo beginner to just be too short. This workout is one I see myself doing, even once I feel like i've built the speed and dexterity to move on to her other tapes - except, I own her other tapes - so I probably WONT be doing this tape very often once I get there.

In this tape she shows a lot of the form pointers again, and she runs through a lot of great combat oriented combinations (i.e. Grab the "attacker" in towards you and then execute a roundhouse kick!)

She says it is a lot easier to do the moves if you know what they are for, and she is correct. If this is the kind of Kickboxing style that you enjoy (non dancy - combinations that are combat oriented), this might be a good tape for you.

She does a bunch of "intervals". I never felt pummelled by this tape, but I felt like I got a great workout from it in the end.

At the very end she does stretching and ab work. I enjoyed both those segments as well. She is an accomplished instructor and has put together a really good tape here.