Crunch: Washboard Abs

Terri Walsh
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Abs/Core

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Like the other reviewers of this tape, I agree that it is definitely geared at an audience who have never completed a crunch in their lives!

It is very instructional and I like Terri Walsh as an instructor, but feel that she definitely deserves to instruct a better workout.

Overall - not recommended (unless you really want to learn how to do crunches)'d be better of spending your money on almost any other Ab tape on the market.

Cori (ziggy2306)


The tape is supposed to be a progressive abs workout. It has a rather long warm-up section and three short abs sections that get progressively more "difficult" and then a cool-down. However, the first section is little more than learning the basic crunch. I was able to do the whole tape the first time I tried without difficulty and did not feel that it had provided a well-rounded,intense abs routine as promised. I considered the $10 I spent on the tape to be a complete waste of money.

However, I would recommend the Reebok Versa Training "Strong Abs" tape with Kathy Kaehler (sp?). For $10, it provides a good three tier abs workout for beginner to intermediate to advanced levels. It also shows alternative (beginner and advanced) positions for each exercise offered during the tape. It also gave me the best hint for maintaining proper form (i.e. keeping the small of the back on the floor) during the whole tape.

Kristi Smith


Crunch Fitness: Washboard Abs

I totally agree with Kristi's review of this tape. It is too instructional, first section too easy, too many breaks in between. I like non-stop moves (like Abs or Steel 2000 - the very best ab tape). Don't waste money on this tape.

maryann parker


You sure won't get washboard abs with this tape, or even a decent ab workout. The exercises are too basic and there aren't enough reps. I can't even recommend this tape for beginners because I was a beginner when I got and I felt cheated. Don't waste your money.

Instructor Comments:
I thought Terri Walsh was a really good instructor wasted in a below-average video. She looks great and I got a kick out of her 'New Yawk' accent. I hope in the future she leads a better video.