Fitness Kickbox - A Total Body Workout

Joseph Alexander, Kristen Colston
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This workout starts with a warm up consisting of side stretches, plie's to warm up the legs, lower body stretches. The camera goes to a different angle during the warm up and the girls are doing the move to a different beat so you are off cue and I changed what I was doing so I was on cue with them but when they show it to the front it is back to where you should be and I was off cue once again. I know that is being picky but I didn't like that about it.

This workout is very basic and I thought it was boring. You start out with front punches and jabs moving your feet to the front, then you do the same punches moving your feet the the side, back and other side. Then you start with the other arm leading and do it all over again. The next move is exactly the same way but you do a hook with a jab moving in all the same directions before switching sides. Then you move on to a jab, punch, jab, hook combo and again you do them to the front for a count of 12, everything is in a count of 12, and once again you do the move to the front, side, back and side. I got very bored with moving in the same directions all the time. The next move is a punch, jab, hook, upper cut and once again doing them in all 4 directions and moving to the other side leading. The next move is a kick, punch, jab combo and you do one side to the front, the other side to the front and then do them moving to the side. Then you do a side kick with a punch and a jab again moving in the same directions as the other moves. This wouldn't be bad as an intermediate workout but it didn't raise my heart rate up and I found myself wishing it was over with.

The warm up is about 4-5 minutes long and the workout is roughly 20 minutes and a 10 minute cooldown including ab work and push ups. The very end is Joseph giving instructions on how the feet move during the workout and how to do the upperbody moves in the workout.

I really didn't like the workout in this video when compared to all the other great boxing/kickboxing workouts I've done, this has to be the most boring one I've ever done.

Instructor Comments:
I don't know why they say that Joseph teaches because he is at the very end of the tape with an instructional section only, Kristen teaches this workout and although I like her personality, I didn't like the workout itself. The feet are moving in a certain pattern so once you get it down the first time, you do the same pattern through the whole workout which I found to be boring.

Dawn Henson


The video itself is shot in a nice garden and in front of a water fall. It is a pleasant location that adds to the overall video. The workout itself has a couple of difficult movements, but I got them down with a little effort and the video is a blast to workout to. The voices are a little weak in places, but the music comes through well and keeps you going. The girls are on time and their movements are crisp. I take a fitness kickboxing class and I use this video when I have to miss a class. I recommend it especially to people currently taking fitness kickboxing or kickboxing aerobics.

Instructor Comments:
Instructors were very knowledge about the program. They presented the information in an understandable manner. The instructional segement was placed at the end of the tape which made it a little difficult the first time through, but makes subsequent workouts much more convenient. Joe Alexander's description of techniques gave me a good understanding of the movements from the video and made the workout more meaningful.

Mischele McEntire


The video was extraodinary. The soundtrack really made me want to move and get into the workout. The video really was a tough workout, but it has already help me alot, I seem to have more stamina, better flexability, and I really LOVE the kickboxing side. It is a completely safe video, they take the time to warn and teach you the proper exercises and stretches to be able to not only participate, but excel at the techniques. The workout, though, is very intense, it really makes you sweat, but you feel like you've accomplished something after you are done. So far I've only been able to find one video made by these two, and it was an online purchase, but if they have anymore, they must be as great as this one!!

Instructor Comments:
The instructors were very energetic, and really made it easy for me to learn the kickboxing moves as well as the exercises. They brought a topic that I way very interested in, to my home, in a form that was really exciting. Apparently, they took the time in preperation of the video to make it easy enough to learn with no kickboxing experience, but tough enough to really work me out.

Ann Garner