Fit To Kick

Sherri Jacquelyn
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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I have to say this is an incredible workout video. It far exceeded my inital expectations. This review is only based on doing the video once (today) so I do not know if I will be sore tomorrow but I am thinking that I will be. I am a high intermediate / low advanced exercisor and this workout whipped my butt. It is a little over an hour long and consists of I believe 6 phases. The phases start with drill work then move to conditioning and core conditioning.

It begins with a pretty intense warmup that includes boxer shuffles. I do not usually like to do those in my warmup so I modify. After a few stretches you begin a series of drills which is mostly upper body work. There is lots and lots of jabs and crosses in this workout. There is not very many kicks compared to Kickbox Jam, Dawaii or one of Janis Saffells tapes. There really is not much choreography, it is pretty much straight drill work but it is intense. Some of the work is sports style conditioning with moves that seem as though they may come from football or army PT. They include standing ab and oblique work that is done at a fast enough pace to keep your heart rate up. Most of the conditioning is done at this pace. She does kicks with squats to condition the lower body.

She then moves on to upper body work with very light weights. Sherri suggest 2-3 lbs. I used 2 lbs, I would not use 5 because I think it would be to heavy and I do not have 3 lbs or I would use them. She basically does slow jab, cross, hook and uppers on both sides. Then you move to the floor for a series of pushups. These are similar to the push up segment of Latin Groove. I believe you do about 8 sets of pushups. Then there is ab and lower back work. There is a mix of pilate and traditional ab work. Then there is a fairly good stretch at the end.

I really recommend this video to anyone who would like an advanced level total body workout. The cardio is very intense. While the muscle conditioning is not as intense it would be a good tape to do in between serious weight training to give your body a little extra rest. The intensity level is more like Dawaii Cardio Kickboxing. The moves are done really fast where Janis Saffels tapes are a bit slower but more focused on form and technique. I plan on putting this video in my heavy rotation.

Instructor Comments:
I really liked Sherri in her Latin Groove tape and that is why I decided to try this one. If you seen her in either the Latin tape or in CIA Kickbox Jam you may hardley recognize her. I almost did not because she is now a brunette instead of a blonde. She still looks beautiful and seems more sculpted than in her previous videos. She definately knows her stuff!



This video is a kick. It is all energy, with Sherri on the move from the beginning. With her are four other women who are fit and good exercisers, but no one is glam. Sherri has this great ability to be loose and focused, pumped, natural and very good. I don’t know why the w/o has been subdivided into 6 (I think) “phases,” because once we start, I for one just want to keep going. There are drills, then combos, then choreography, I guess, but the drills ARE combos, and the combos are good drills, and the choreography really takes the drilled combos over a lot of ground. I very much like the way she has us moving while, for instance, jab jab jab cross kick turn and repeat toward the back of the room. I found myself putting alot into the whole workout. During the conditioning section, I used 5-lb hand wts which killed me for the punch work. I like the abs. The tape was made late 2001, so you’ve done most or all of these exercises, but they seem fresh.

Sherri J is very present, connected to the moves, to the music, to the crew behind her and in front, and to us, I think.

The set is pseudo O’Keefe, complete with steer skull (ach and oy!), rolled general southwestern-y rug in the back, I think a lily in a vase maybe, wooden door-thing and deep red walls. Much of the music is also on Cathe’s Kickbox Cardio, and once again, it is the right music. Sherri seems delighted by each selection.

I have to say, I avoided getting anything with Sherri Jackquelyn because I was so put off by the presentation on the cover of Kickbox Jam. I was wrong. Wrong.

BTW, that guy kneeling on the front cover? He never shows.

I had a good time.

Good tape!

January 26, 2003