Cross Train Express: 10-10-10

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Step Aerobics

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I thought I would add a more recent review for this workout. People have already broken this one down, so I'm just going to post my impressions. This is a simple cardio routine consisting of 10 minutes of hi/lo, 10 minutes of kickbox, 10 minutes of step, and ending with a tricep weight routine. I am actually surprised that I found the cardio boring. The hi/lo consisted, to me, of endless bounding around, particularly around the step. The kickbox portion felt kind of been there, done that in the CTX Kickboxing workout, and the step was uninspired. The cardio, in general, felt rushed. Even Cathe’s endless enthusiasm couldn’t save this workout for me. I hope to warm up to it in the future. The tricep work was good though. Very thorough, with a variety of exercises.

What to Be Aware Of
Almost constant high impact.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is professional, funny, and encouraging throughout the entire series. Her enthusiasm is contagious!



So much fun! I feel like I'm at a party, especially during the step segment. This is the only video I've done where I don't grumble about step coming after hi/lo and/or kickbox - the step portion is that much fun!

I really enjoy having the workout split into 4 segments - hi/lo, kickbox, step, and weights - because the time passes so quickly.

The music is wonderful throughout - I especially noticed this after doing Gym Style Legs the day before. That tape had some of the most horrible, screeching excuse for music - how did things go downhill so badly in 5 years?

But I digress. 10-10-10 is a favorite.

Instructor Comments:
Full of joy and energy in this tape. Cueing is a little late at times, but the good will engendered makes up for it.



This workout features about 10 minutes of three different kinds of cardio: kickboxing, hi-lo, then step. The flow from kind of aerobics to the next is pretty smooth so it's easy to just follow along.

The strength segment is for triceps: Cathe starts with lying triceps presses with heavy weights (I used 15# dumbells and it wasn't easy!). This is a pre-exhausting exercise followed by extensions with (I believe) 10# dumbells. After that you can stand up and do a supersetting series: overhead extensions (with 8# dumbells) alternating with kickbacks (with 5# dumbells).

She follows with a nice stretch.

One thing I love about this whole series is the music. It's absolutely the best of any workouts I've ever heard. Love it all:)

Instructor Comments:
I really like working out with Cathe and her crew. I am wondering where some of these ladies have gone on to though. Brenda and Rhonda are in attendance, but no Lorraine, Jai or Cedie.
Cathe seems to really love her work and her joy comes through pretty nicely. This is especially appreciated since you're working so hard. Cathe tries to make it more fun!

Lydia Jasper


She begins this tape with a high-energy warm-up, doing jabs, punches, upper cuts, side and lateral kicks and kick combinations with lunges...

The Workout The first 15 minutes is entirely w/o the step. She starts you with box punches and kicks... begins with jabs.. then jumping jacks, you are jumping side to side as you punch... kick forward then jump rope back (without the jump rope) hops... jacks, slide jumps around your step.. then into hooks... upper cuts... double time... slide around step... then grapevine kick combos...
The kicks she does are high but she tells you they don't have to be so high...

After 6 min she takes you into hi-lo... beginning with jumping jacks .. then short kicks.. and circle jacks .. and step hamstring curls and grapevines.. a jack combo and double grapevines... high energy mambo... knee lifts.. and running in place... then high kicks as her high interval. The jumps straight up into to the air to end this segment are really exhausting.

The Music Very energising again in this tape... fast-paced.. Low-impact can be done ... although the music is so upbeat...

Step Segment Cathe then takes you onto the step (approx 10 min)...she assumes that you know the 2 knee repeater rebound back, yet she does so many of them that after a while you can get it. ... teaches you a mambo on the step, then a double ricochet... with one foot on step other foot goes to other side then back then over then back again.. Easier said than done ... but on all her moves she repeats them enough to give you a chance to learn them... power - 15 on step... whew!!! (see All-step review)

She also does a knee up straddle ball change.. I did this whole segment with the step set at 4 in... good thing... for learning the moves.. as it was I did have to do some walking in place when it got too tough..

Weight Work She uses a 30 lb barbell and 8 to 5 lb handweights...
Close grip barbell presses 2 sets while laying on step.
French press (8lb hand)- two sets of 16
one arm French press while standing up... 8lbs
one arm tricep kickback w/ 5 lb
both exercises other arm
then repeat each arm again both exercises.
puchups 8 reps...

Stretch 4 minutes

Instructor Comments:
If you don't know Cathe, you should! She has Gym style weight tapes, and/or she has step tapes but she also has a few cardio tapes and kickbox that are worth checking out.
The Crosstrainers gives you a taste of each in small increments. She is an excellent instructor and cues well.



This is a part of the Cross Train Express Series. This tape focuses on kickbox, hi-lo, and step along with tricep work. Out of the whole CTX series, I find that this is my least favorite of the bunch. As much as I love Cathe's style, her hi-lo just isn't that interesting or fun. I would have preferred more kickboxing or step rather than the short hi-lo segment. Each segment is about 10 minutes of length, kickbox first followed by hi-lo then step.

The kickbox segment is very much Cathe kickboxing. Be prepared to move! You're going to be jabbing, hooking, upper cutting, and kicking your way to fun. Some plyo jacks find their way into this segment also. You will notice that they have their steps out, but unless you have an acre of room, I would wait to get the step out until the final cardio segment. Since you are going to be doing the box/traveling side to sides and a nice grapevine side kick combo, you are going need some room to work with. I really like this kickbox segment. Its short enough not to be repetitive.

The second section is hi-lo. Its the usual Cathe style. Very powerful and athletic. Lots of traveling kicks, scoops, jack combos, and a nice mambo pivot combo will get your heartrate up fast. Then a hi impact interval blast. This is very similar to the blast from MIC. Lots of plyo heel digs, hi jogs, hi kicks(hi-lo style), and airborne jumps. The hi-lo is only part of the video that I could do without. The hi-lo just needs a bit more oomph and pizzazz to really appeal to me.

The last section is classic step with some new moves! The 2-knee rebound is back, a new staggered mambo on the step, power 15, and some nice hope straddle turns. And as if regular ricochets weren't enough, hello and welcome to the Double Ricochet! You've really got to be light on your feet for this one. I really enjoy the step. Its lots of classic moves, but its put together in a fun new way spiced up with new moves. Its fun even though those power 15 pop their head up.

Triceps are the featured body part. A long 12 minutes of triceps. I kind of felt that the tricep section dragged on to long. And my triceps were screaming at me the next day! There are a lot of triceps barbell presses with a narrow grip. Three counts, 4 counts and low end presses. If you just did chest the day before, be warned of all the barbell pressing moves. You will also do dumbbell french presses, standard count and 2 counts, 1 arm overhead presses super set with tricep kickbacks, and tricep pushups.

Then you end with a wonderful stretch. I love the extra attention to stretching that has been included in the CTX Series. With all the high impact and tough weight work you really need the extra time stretching.

As much as I wanted to love every tape in the series, I just don't see doing this tape very often. The hi-lo really keeps this tape from being a winner. But as usual Cathe is great, she has great form and is so motivating with out being overpowering. And a plus the music really seems to fit this tape very well. If your a high impact junkie then you have hit the motherlode!

Susie F.


I absolutely love the CTX series, and I pretty much love any Cathe Friedrich video, but after about 4 or 5 times doing this video, I can honestly say I don't like this one. I think it's mostly because I'm not crazy about hi/lo. I haven't actually timed it, but the hi/lo seems longer than the kickboxing and step portions. But it's probably just my imagination, since I don't like hi/lo. I tend to modify hi/lo to make it low impact, and with the hi/lo in this particular video, modifying it to low impact makes it incredibly boring (to me) and not very aerobic at all. I enjoy the warm-up and kickboxing portions. Those are pretty similar in style to the other CTX videos. The step section of the video is okay -- not Cathe's most interesting choreography, in my opinion. I do like the mambo on the step, but the double ricochets are way too high impact for me. The step choreography in Step & Intervals and All Step are more to my liking.

The tricep work in this video is quite effective. It includes close-grip bench presses, french presses, overhead tricep presses, and tricep pushups. The only thing that feels a little weird to me is the overhead tricep press. I modify the move so that the palm of my hand faces the opposite side, and I drop the weight toward the back instead of the sort of side-to-side motion that Cathe uses. My arms just feel better moving this way instead.

If you enjoy hi/lo and don't mind the high impact, you might like this video more than I do! However, I think the hi/lo choreography in Power Circuit is more interesting. I'll still keep this video, but I probably won't be using the cardio portion of it very much.

Instructor Comments:
As always, Cathe gives excellent form pointers during the strength work. Cuing is good in the hi/lo and step sections, but not as good in the kickboxing section. The choreography is okay, but not Cathe's most interesting.

Lynn Lounsbury


I really enjoy this jam-packed 50-minute workout for my "short" days. It combines 30 minutes of aerobics with about 10-15 minutes of triceps work, and a nice, thorough stretch at the end. There are three types of aerobics: kickbox, high/low (mostly high), and step, each 10 minutes long. The warmup is included in the 10 minutes for the kickbox section. One downside, though, is that if you get out your step at the beginning, which Cathe and the class do, then you don't have much room to do the floor aerobics. She has you going around the step, but I find that I don't have as much room as I like that way. I can fit it all in, but I much prefer having the step out of the way while doing the floor aerobics. So while the class is doing step-touches, etc., to lower their heart rates after the ending intervals in the high/low section, I take the time to get my step out then.

The choreography in all the aerobic sections is pretty basic, except for in the step section where it's expected that you're already familiar with some of her moves, such as the ricochet and rebound. Since the workout is so compact, there's not much room for explanation. The only thing I have trouble with is in the step section. You do a double ricochet immediately followed by a mambo-type move on the step. I can never seem to end up on the correct foot, so I improvise on this part. No problem, it's still fun!

The triceps work leaves my triceps nicely "pumped," and best of all, there are no triceps dips off the step (which I hate)! Unfortunately, there is a brutal set of triceps pushups at the very end. Brutal in a good way, of course! She does only 8, but if you're like me, around #4 you will be grimacing and shaking and wondering why you're putting yourself through this agony. Grade A.

Annie S.


This is my favorite of Cathe's Cross-Trainer Series. The music, the moves, the intensity -- everything just works. I absolutely love the quick changing cardio sequences -- from kickbox to hi-lo to step. You just don't get a chance to get bored. Also, Cathe seems more pumped up in this video during the hi-lo, which, I might add, is more fun to me than her other hi-lo sequences in the Cross-Trainer series.. It has just a teeny bit of danciness that I just feed off of, like kicks and mambos.

As for intensity -- I like to call this Intense Moves-lite. This is a tough video. Don't be deceived by the beginning kickbox sequence. The hi-lo is really an interval workout. The moves include kicks with a clap under, airborne jacks, and power heel-digs. The step is cute and intense, and isn't a re-hash of all of Cathe's old step moves-- it's got good stuff spliced in with the standard moves, and Cathe doesn't OD on the power 7s and 15s in this one, which is a good thing.

The ending weight section is 15 minutes of triceps. It started to get dull and drawn out to me, for some reason. I don't know -- triceps just don't seem to need *that* much isolation work.

Overall, an awesome little workout for the time spent. I give it an A.

Eulonda Skyles


This is my least favorite cardio section of all 8 of Cathe's new tapes. On the plus side, it finishes with a wonderfully redeeming cardio step routine, the triceps work is my all-time favorite and the ending stretch is awesome.

There's a 5 minute warm-up and stretch, then a section of kickboxing, a section of hi/lo and a section of step. The cardio totals 30 minutes. The kickboxing frustrates me because it uses so much space. I like it more now that I've learned to wait until the step section at the end of the cardio to get my step out, but then I don't like putting the tape on pause, especially because adapting the workout to my space keeps my intensity level lower than I'd like. The hi/lo is straightforward athletic stuff that Cathe spices up with 3 tough floor intervals: high jogs, plyoheel digs and plyo jumps. The step section is a real party: she includes double ricochets, a rebound move that I've always loved, a very fun mambo on the step and lots of power 7s and power 3s.

The triceps work is fantastic. As in the other CTX tapes, the music changes for the strength work -- the strength music sometimes reminds me of Irish folk music, other times of Spanish flamenco music. Whatever the heck it is, it's really unusual and really works with the strength work. Cathe does a mix of exercises, including close grip bench presses with a barbell, supine French presses, a superset of standing 1-arm o/head tricep press with kickbacks and finishes you off with tricep push-ups. Look out for the word "Bonus" in this workout. Cathe has some form tips on this section that I really appreciated, including having your elbows brush your ribcage on the bench presses and demonstrating proper hand placement during the tricep push-ups.

The stretch is another outstanding stretch segment. All of the CTX videos have great stretches.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe always feels "live" to me, no matter how many times I've done her videos. She just has a natural rapport with us. Trivia: Her hair in the introduction to the CTX series tapes is very styled and straight -- but by the end of her workouts, it's usually a riot of curls. Those curls really suit our Cathe.

Daphne M


I absolutely love this tape. It is my dream video. I am not generally a high impact fan, but this tape has captivated me and it has just the right combination of kickboxing, hi/lo and step, in just the right proportion, with just the right moves. The music is fantastic too, which is important to me, because it makes me want to move and gives me extra energy. I love working triceps in general, and this tape contains a wonderful triceps workout; you will really feel it. Cathe uses rhythmic changes within the exercises and it makes you work the muscle differently (for example on lying triceps presses, you lower for 3 and raise for 1, you lower for 2, raise for 2, similar to the way they do it in the BodyPump video). I don't know how Cathe does it: she takes basic moves and combines them in a way that is so much fun and challenging. What is also great about this tape is that you really get a major workout in a relatively short period of time. You might even be tempted to rewind and do the whole tape twice. This tape is A++++ Cathe is superb; her cuing is great; she is tremendously motivating.