Sizzle & CHisel

Steven SanSoucie
Year Released: 2019

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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This great, thanks for sharing this tips. I hope this would help everyone who reads it.

Steve Jones


Steven works out with 2 background exercisers in a cute studio for the strength + cardio workout. You will need dumbbells and a step bench for this 55 min routine. The DVD is fully chaptered and includes four premixes to choose from!

After a warm up & quick stretch exercises include: squat & chest press, squats off the step, jacks, jog, front & side raise combo, shuffle knee up, curtsy & cable pull, deadilft variations, kettlebell swing to overhead pull down, dips off the step with hammer curls, charleston kicks, bench press, pec fly, ribcage pullover, pushups, burpees to the step, oblique crunches, weighted sit ups, side plank, planks, and a cool down & stretch.

This is a solid intermediate routine. I really enjoyed working out with Steven, it reminded me of being in a fun live class at the gym! He provides perfect cuing & excellent form pointers throughout. I love that the strength work is broken up with short cardio sets to keep your heart rate up throughout. Steven does an excellent job of combining fresh & unique multi-muscle movements with isolation exercises and cardio to make this a fun & effective total body + cardio routine. I received this DVD to review