CIA 2K03: Kickbox Jam

Sherri Jacquelyn
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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I was so excited to get this video through the exchange because it was touted as an advanced level video for experienced kickboxers. I was not disappointed. I think this deserves to be in the Favorites. It definitely qualifies as a kick butt workout and manages to be really fun too. Even the warmup is fun, and has a nice thorough stretch along with a tough push-up section. During the drills, there isn't a lot of instruction on form, but you learn the foundation for the upcoming choreography, including all sorts of punch combinations and two kinds of crescent kicks (inside and outside). There are six combinations in the choreo section, and I couldn't believe how long it was. My favorite was #4, where you jab-cross and do an inside crescent followed by an outside crescent kick, then do a back spin into a side kick. I felt so powerful and cool, and my husband was very impressed too!

The toning section (with tubing and a Body Bar) is pretty brief, with only about 8-12 reps per exercise. However, I was really pooped after the cardio portion so I didn't mind and I liked that it was sports-specific conditioning. Sherri would point out which kick or punch each strength exercise would help you improve. She covers shoulders, upper back, biceps, triceps, quad, glutes, calves, and hamstrings, but no abs.

The older gentleman in the back seemed to have trouble keeping up with the workout, but he looked so tough (like a drill sargeant) that it was more funny than annoying. I don't remember much about the music but it was good and there were some tunes I recognized, including "How do I live" during the cooldown stretch.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who LURVES kickboxing, has been doing it for a while, and wants a real challenge.

Instructor Comments:
Sherri is a beautiful blond with a very toned body. But she is also a no-nonsense instructor who also manages to be very encouraging. I hope she does another video this year.

Caroline Kim


This is the third in the new CIA 2K series. Another new addition to all the videos flooding the market since the Tae-Bo Craze.

A little background on me...I enjoy kickboxing, but find very little fun in Tae-Bo. I like kickboxing with a little bit more choreography than the Tae-Bo series (live & original) I liked CIA 9907 but I find this one so very much better and more enjoyable. It has choreography, but not as "dancy" as Janis Saffell.

this tape starts out with a super high energy warm up. The warm up starts out with kicks and punches, but I would advise to keep it controlled and low. But the music in the warm up is really exciting so I have to remember itís just the warm up and control my punches till Imp warmed up better. Then are are lots of different push up variations. Toe pushups with varied tempos, Split leg Pushups, and even some one armed pushups! Sheri does both toe and knee push-ups. Then on to the body of the workout.

It starts out with a drills section. You learn lots of kicks and punches. One new thing you learn is crescent kicks and spinning kicks. They are both so fun to do. Sheri shows good form, though one of the background people (the man) is a little off on the count. He can be distracting, but I find myself watching Sheri more than anything. Then on to the choreography section. She puts together the kicks and punches into what turns into a pretty long combination. This is fun. It uses lots of direction and combines the kicks and punches in a fun way with out being too hard to do. You donít have to be to fancy with the footwork. Itís choreographed but not as much as Janis's tapes.

Some of the moves are done fast, not as fast as the double time tempos in the Tae-Bo series but faster than the moves in Power Kicks. You really must have a GOOD foundation of kickboxing moves under your belt to do this tape with out risking injury. If you already are good with Kickboxing, you will find this is a great tape to incorporate in your kickboxing routine. Very fun and motivating.

Instructor Comments:
Sheri is really into the workout! Shes fun with out being to perky or to boring. And she seems to know her kickboxing, though this video dosent break down basics.

Susie F.


I've been doing kickboxing style workouts for about a year on and off - but of course, as its been a year of not many workouts, that doesn't make me terribly experienced.

This tape is amazing. I would put her up with Aaron lankford in terms of technique and quality. This is a tape for die-hard kickboxing fans.

For those of you who want to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer (even though i'm twice the characters age, just about :-) ), she does these amazing kicks where you pivot while kicking, and you can just imagine yourself trouncing a big bad vampire.

Lots of fun, and very good workout> I am totally sore today - my abs, my upper body, my legs - feeling good!!!

Instructor Comments:
Sherry is incredible. I find her very motivating and clear. When I looked at the cover, I thought .. not sure i'll like this - but then she really wowed me with her professionalism, skill and energy.



First let me say that I LOVE this video. Sherri keeps you going with punches and kicks and lots of new moves that aren't in other kickboxing videos. Fast paced, ultra long choreography section is exactly what I have been craving - she even does spinning back kicks, my favorite move from 9809! If you liked Janis' choreography but wanted more intensity, this is the video for you! So you can judge how my likes compare to yours - I love Tae Bo adv (original,2,3,4) and CIA 9907 but didn't think to much of Powerkicks. This video is never leaving my collection, ever. The only problem will be making myself not do it every day.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Sherri, she is new to videos. Very motivating, fun and easy to follow. If only I could do pushups like her:)

Cinnamon Cantwell


Kickbox aerobics is my new workout obsession. Well, I can't say new. I have been hooked on it since Janis Saffell's first one. Since I have become proficient in many types of kicking and punching, I found this video a nice addition to my collection due to it's fast pace. The punches are much faster than any other kickbox tape I have done. It took a bit of getting used to at first, but after 2 workouts I started to get familiar with the pace.

The workout is structured very much the same way as Janis' Kick It tape. Warm up, kickbox drills, kickbox choreography and muscle conditioning. The warm up is fast and fun. (approx 8-10 min). It includes a series of (it seems like a million) sets of varied pushups as well as some kickbox specific stretches which feel great. The kickbox drills start the cardio portion of the workout (21 min). Sherri teaches series' of fast punches, jabs, hooks, uppercuts and combines these together for combos. She moves on to some kicking drills and makes sure we are familiar with side kicks, back kicks and (tough) in and out crescent kicks. The intensity during these drills is moderate. She slows down a bit while explaining the moves, but most of the time she does SHUFFLES to keep the heart rate up. Once I got good at this tape I just remembered to shuffle on my own. The next cardio portion of the tape is about 30 minutes and is the most intense and fun part. She combines all of the drill moves together to form combos. She teaches a short combo than puts it all together and adds another short combo,etc. until there are 6 combos in all. The cueing is pretty good, Sherri really gets into the workout as you can tell by her expressions and yells. She lets you know that she is teaching us to be "lethal." When she says there are guys coming at us from all sides, it really motivates you to kick harder and scream a little bit. The combos are fun and along with one pound gloves and intense punching and kicking I am pretty wiped out. This workout seems to be in the intermediate/advanced range. I still find power step workouts the most intense and advanced. The final section is about 20 minutes of resistance work with tubing (you can use dumbells too). The exercises are basic and proven and work all muscle groups. Thats it for the breakdown.

I recommend this tape to anyone who really loves the previous CIA kickbox videos. A little different, but still challenging and most of all fun.

Instructor Comments:
I like Sherri. She gets into the workout, and really motivates you. She doesn't do a lot of laughing and whooping, which helps me focus. You can tell she is actually getting a great workout along with the viewers. She is compact and tiny and extremely toned. I think because of her lean physique, her moves are very balanced and she has great form and athleticism with all of them. Don't let her 'smallness' fool you though, she has a direct straightforward nature that comes through in her teaching with as confident aerobics instructor. I would definately purchase another one of her tapes. Can't wait.

Robyn A.


CIA 2K03 takes kickboxing to a new level. It is very aerobic because Sherri uses a very fast pace. It is also very advanced. She uses a couple of moves I have never seen before and teaches them quickly. Her cueing is fine, but her style is for experienced kickboxers. I usually use kickbox tapes on days when I want a less intense workout, but not this one. Another difficulty is she puts moves together in non-traditional ways. For example, jab hook jab cross rather than jab cross jab hook. I did enjoy the tape and got a great cardio workout. The only tape I've done that's comparable is Keli Robert's CIA tape, but the intense cardio workout in that tape comes from the jumping intervals. I think this tape has a very limited audience -- experienced kickboxers at a very advanced cardio level.

Instructor Comments:
Sherri has a very distinct kickbox style, with a much faster pace than other videos I have done. Her teaching is geared toward experienced kickboxers with an advanced cardio level.

Fran Schulman