30 Minutes to Fitness Strength and Stamina

Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Year Released: 2016

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Kettlebell, Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

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I am a huge fan of Kelly Coffey-Meyer and own/have tried most of her fitness videos. A few of them haven't clicked with me, but most of them I have loved, particularly her strength and boxing/kickboxing workouts. Although this relatively recent addition to the "30-Minutes Fitness Collection" is a strength workout, I was a bit hesitant to try it. Why? Because it includes kettlebells, and although I enjoy kettlebell routines, I'm picky about workouts that include them. I prefer more traditional, hardstyle kettlebell workouts, and when I previewed this DVD from Kelly, I thought that she was doing more fast, cardio-type kettlebell work using lighter kettlebells.
Upon recently borrowing this DVD from my local library, I happily discovered that I was WRONG! Kelly and her crew of background exercisers--two female, two male--are using both heavy dumbbells AND heavy kettlebells for this workout. (If you don't have a kettlebell, that's okay too, as every-presenter helper Sam does the entire workout without a kettlebell.) And Kelly does use the kettlebell for traditional moves. In fact, both 30-minute workouts follow the same format: there is a warm-up (the same for both routines), four standing rounds, a floor round, and a short stretch to finish. Each of the 4 standing rounds consists of 2 strength moves, performed 12 reps each (with a few exceptions), repeating for three total cycles, and then, at the end of the third cycle, there is a a kettlebell move (the floor round is the same but without the kettlebell move at the end).

The Main Menu offers the following options:

Warm Up
Workout One
Workout Two
Bonus Step (22:41)
Music On/Off

I've provided more detailed information on each section below.

***WARM UP***
As noted above, this is the same for both workouts; clock time is 5:45, but actual time is about 5 1/2 minutes after Kelly's intro of her crew. The moves include trunk rotations, reaches, arm circles, squat, mock kettlebell swings (to get the difference between a squat and a swing--this is really the only explanation on the DVD), low back stretch, alternating knees, and reverse lunge/reverse twist. Kelly finishes with some light cardio in the form of shuffles/jacks/jogs, stretches the hamstrings with heel digs, and then ends with kettlebell halos.

***WORKOUT ONE*** [30:29]
Set One
*reverse pec deck
*front squat
*double (two-hand) kettlebell swings (45 sec)
Set Two
*supinated biceps
*split switches (leg hops)
*one-arm kettlebell swings (30 sec per side)
Set Three
*shoulders: one-arm overhead press
*suitcase deadlift
*Figure 8 with kettlebell
Set Four
*overhead triceps extension with optional one-leg balance
*side lunge with one dumbbell Figure 8 around leg
*alternating kettlebell swings
*chest: alternating press
*weighted bridges
Cool-down (about 2 minutes) - brief hamstring stretch on floor; remaining stretches standing

***WORKOUT TWO*** [29:36 minutes]
Set One
*lat pull downs
*straight jumps
*double (two-hand) kettlebell swings (45 sec)
Set Two
*biceps: half side curl/half reverse curl
*back-front lunges
*one-arm kettlebell swings (30 sec per side)
Set Three
*front/lateral raise (at right angle)
*skaters (cardio leg move)
*Figure 8 with kettlebell
Set Four
*single arm kickback (straight then bent)
*pop squats with one dumbbell
*alternating kettlebell swings
*chest press with modified overhead reach
*pulsing bridges
Cool-down (about 2.5 minutes) - brief stretch on floor; finish standing for upper body stretches

***PREMIXES*** [2 onscreen pages are available; times given are Kelly's]
Workout One - no swings (31:28)
Workout Two - no swings (30:16)
Workout One - 2 sets + swings (28:36)
Workout Two - 2 sets + swings (28:00)
Express Workout One - 1 set + swings (21:22)
Express Workout Two - 1 set + swings (21:17)
Combined Burnout - Mix of Workout One + Two (63:18)
Combined Burnout - Mix of Workout One + Two no swings (53:47)
Workout One - Without Cardio Leg Blasts (38:31)
Workout Two - Without Cardio Leg Blasts (38:24)
Lower Body Time Crunch: Legs & Swings from Workouts One + Two (23:52)
Upper Body Time Crunch: Upper Body + Swings from Workouts One + Two (27:55)

Kelly, Lauren, and Laurie workout here, completing a total of 5 short routines. The music is high energy--although oddly, the first song used is the "It's Time to Party" song that is a theme for another workout series (Turbo Jam). In addition to classic step moves, Kelly adds some of her own twists, such as boxing. I expect that those who enjoy step will find this to be a nice little addition to the DVD.

Overall, I enjoyed this DVD quite a bit! I LOVED the huge variety of premixes--this is one of Kelly's trademarks, but she seems to have skimped a bit on the premixes for some of her other new DVDs, so the 2-page offering was refreshing here. I liked the that the weight workout covered all major muscle groups and was mostly standing, although I didn't mind the last series being floorwork. I also enjoyed Kelly's choice of kettlebell moves. I did disagree a bit with Kelly's form, as she raises the kettlebell up to forehead level, almost over her head, whereas I was taught to keep it more at chest level. Also, because there is no kettlebell tutorial on this DVD, I definitely would NOT recommend it for someone who is new to workout with kettlebells. Kelly's DVDs are generally geared mainly to intermediate and above exercisers, and this one is no exception--with experience in kettlebells being a must as well. With those small caveats, I will reiterate that found this to be a great strength DVD, and I would definitely recommend it!

Instructor Comments:
Kelly is one of my favorite instructors. I don't always click with everyone one of her workouts, but this one was a hit for me.

Beth C (aka toaster)