Cardio Kickboxing

Rodney Montgomery
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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I discovered Rodney's website,, while mindlessly surfing for new cardio kickboxing videos. I posted a thread and some VF-ers emailed Rodney.
This video consists of 2 40-minute workouts; really it's like part 1 and part 2; no separate warmup for the second. It's Rodney and five or six background exercisers, mostly women, against a dark background with pastel-colored banners hanging down. Considering that it seems to be a somewhat low-budget production, it was a pretty nice setting.
The first workout has several simple combinations that are taught separately then strung together. Combo one consists of front punch/side punch/two front kicks on both sides. Combo two consists of V-steps (Rodney calls them "box" steps) with punches, to the front and to the side, plus two front kicks, again on both right and left legs.
There is also a combo of hook/knee raise/cross punch/side kick that is done separately.

Transitions between the warmup and two workout segments are a bit weird; the light goes out and the cast just keeps doing side punches in the dark.

the second workout has jab/cross/hook/hook that turns into jab/cross/hook/squat/plyo leap. This was fun! He never does a lot of reps though; usually about four at a time. It would be a lot tougher if he did say, 8 reps. Another combo is side block/side punch/front kick/side kick with other leg.
There is a brief section of uppercut flurries (he combines this with side punches but I find it a bit awkward, unlike say, speedbag + punch)then another awkward transition where he's talking about going into the toning section--the lights go out again and he's talking in the dark while he and the cast are still doing punches and hooks.
The toning section is brief; a few side abductor lifts plus kicks and the slow roundhouse kicks with the chair.
The music is hip techno-y stuff; some might be bothered by the music that pervades the second section and the toning; it is a repetitive theme that sounds like a siren mixed with organ music. I personally don't mind it, but all I care about music-wise during a workout, really, is the beat.

I would rate this workout as high intermediate to low advanced. He sometimes explains the next move while you shuffle, jog or jack; as I say, if there were more reps of each combo, I think it would've raised the intensity even more.

I liked it. It's a kickboxing workout with basic moves mixed into more-than-basic combinations. I'd love to see what Rodney could do with a bigger production budget (including better lighting cues and more varied music). If you like such tapes as Hollywood Trainer Kickbox or the old Tae-Fit workout, I think you'll really like this one. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Rodney workout.

Instructor Comments:
Rodney is *ripped*. His abs look like they're carved out of steel. He is very easy on the eyes--which is good, because his outfit really doesn't leave much to the imagination. Those who are bothered by very skimpy outfits would need to take note that he wears nothing but shoes and very tight shorty shorts.
Pretty good cuer, better than many experienced video stars I've worked out to. Sweet screen personality and very engaging.