Cardio Karate-Kickboxing for Fun and Fitness

Kathy Long, Jim Graden
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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I only previewed the instructional section with Kathy Long so I won't comment too much about it. The other review submitted for this video described it very well. I would like to comment though that it didn't look like a workout to me. Maybe for beginners just starting out with kickboxing it would be a good warmup for the cardio workout following. She would demonstrate the move and then you would repeat it a few times each side. Too much stopping in between the practice drills for me to consider it a true workout.

The music in the cardio section was Dance Club mixes. It seemed an unusual soundtrack for kickboxing (haven't heard this type of music with other kickboxing vides yet), but it was actually pretty good and had a good dance beat to it, so it made you want to get moving with this workout!

The warmup was pretty good. He starts out with punches and works up the intensity a notch. I actually thought at first that this was the workout since my heartrate was getting up there. Then he stops to do his stretches and he has some good inner thigh stretches to limber your legs for the kicks. So I feel the warmup was not really lacking. The cooldown was too short and I needed to do more stretches afterwards. He does some Tai Chi movements with the arms while he lunges side to side to stretch the calves and achillions (sp?).

The cardio section was a blast!! It was pretty fun and I enjoyed it immensely. Only 2 minor complaints. It was too short (cardio section lasting about 20 minutes) and when the screen would flash to a different scene, I noticed the count was off (I wasn't matching their movements..seemed off a little) from what I was doing. As soon as the screen flashed back, they were back on the same count as me. I just learned to ignore that second viewscreen and I would be back in synch with them. Luckily it didn't happen too much. Other than that it was a great workout. The production was pretty good as clarity and sound goes. The other reviewer summed the cardio section pretty well, but I'd like to throw in a couple more things. He does 'build ons' where you start with 2-3 movements such as 2 elbows, and a knee. Then after a few reps of this, he adds on a front kick. After more reps, he adds on a roundhouse kick..then a side kick. After combo completed on one side, he does a short cardio blast (jumping jacks, plyo jumps, etc.) then repeats the exact same method on the other side. Then another short cardio blast and goes on to a new combo with add ons etc. The ending is TOUGH! He calls it 'the burner'. I call it the 'leg blaster'. He does squats with front kicks and then squats with side kicks at a pretty fast tempo. I couldn't keep up with him.

My heart rate stayed up in my aerobic zone the whole workout. I'm glad I got this video, however some people may think it's pricey for the duration of the video. It cost me $39.95 and I'm only going to use the 30 minute cardio section...but I still really enjoy it.

Instructor Comments:
Kathy Long demonstrates the moves only. She seems pretty knowledgeable and does a good job explaining the moves. Jim Graden is pretty likeable. His counting doesn't bother me at all like some other kickboxing videos and I actually liked his style. I have to admit though that I may be biased here becasue he resembles the CEO of my company EXACTLY...right down to the smile, voice, size and hair. Very spooky indeed!! I felt like my CEO was leading the class.

Debbie Rolin