Bikini Body Bootylicious

Tracey Mallett
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Ballet/Barre, Lower Body Strength

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Title: Bikini Body Bootylicious
Instructor: Tracey Mallett
Time: 38 minutes
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
DVD menu: Chapter selection or play all
Production quality: high
Equipment used: chair or stool for second workout

I own many of Tracey Mallettís workout, all of her Booty Barre workouts primarily and FIT. This one caught my interest due to the barre style second workout. This workout is shorter and a little more athletic than her Booty Barre workouts and is a great addition to the collection, although I prefer her Booty Barre workout series more.

Workout One is about 19 minutes and alternates a balance/ballet style exercise with weights (primarily light weights) with a cardio interval, such as jump forward with fast feet back or plyo lunges. The particular mix of moves reminded me somewhat of Dream Body workouts, but less intense than those. This is a nice mini cardio and toning workout. I really enjoyed the balance work.

Workout Two is also about 19 minutes and starts off with lots of barre style work using a stool for barre style foldover work, deep lunges, and some side kicks and arabesque work that remind me somewhat of her Booty Barre workouts, and finishes on the mat with some table work with donkey kicks and bridge work. Definitely a great mini leg workout.

Some criticism: Each workout has a countdown timer, however I would have liked a separate countdown timer for the cardio intervals in Workout One. With just one exercise per interval and not very motivating music, it seemed like it dragged a little bit. Also, there is no warm up or stretch in either workout, separate chapters for these would have been great.

Some positive feedback: The chapters are short and really fly by, and thankfully can be played back to back. Tracey definitely gives a good challenge for the lower body. I love the balance exercises in the first workout.

Other notes: This workout doesnít seem as challenging as FIT which was released at the same time, and is in a similar format but for the total body. But if you liked the format of that workout, you will probably enjoy Bootylicious as well. It isnít the BEST workout but it has its place in a collection for people that enjoy barre and HIIT style intermediate workouts.

Instructor Comments:
Tracey is very encouraging and friendly, and provided good form pointers. All of her workouts seem really polished and she is enjoyable to work out with.

Emily B.