Operation Tonergy: Total Body Burnout

Nikki Dastrup
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Nikki leads this 65 minute strength workout in a gym with 5 backgrounders. You will need dumbbells for this routine. You will perform 8 circuits, 6 one minute exercises per circuit followed by a rest. Each circuit focuses on one body part. You will need to add on your own warmup & cooldown.

Exercises include lat raise & pulses, upright row & pulses, overhead raise & pulses, lunges pulses & static hold, kneeling French press & pulses, kickback variations, dips & pulses, pliť & pulses, pliť walk variations, bi & wide curl variations, squats pulses & static squat, low squat jacks, row variations, good mornings, deadlift, single leg squat, and low squats w a booty pop.

I rate this an advanced routine because Nikki really burns out each muscle group before moving on to the next. I used 5 & 8 lb weights & was def feeling the burn in my shoulders, bis, tris, back, & lower body. The timed intervals allow you to go at your own pace making this DVD easy to adapt to your own fitness level. Nikki is very encouraging & provides good firm pointers. I am loving this set! I received this dvd to review.