Operation Tonergy: Assets and Abs DVD

Nikki Dastrup
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Abs/Core , Lower Body Strength

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This is a 58 min core, booty, and inner thigh routine done entirely on the floor. You start with about 35 minutes of floor core work, then move onto the lower body. Nikki works out in a gym set with 5 background exercisers, one performing easier modifications. You will need dumbbells for this routine.You will need to add on your own warm up & cool down.

Exercises include weighted & unweighted variations of: crunches, double crunches, single leg drops, toe reaches, oblique jack knife, penguin heel taps, diagonal knee taps, rope climb, V sit variations, a side plank series, a donkey kick series, and a weighted side lying inner thigh series.

This is a very advanced core routine and the lower body portion is also killer. I like to use 10-15 min of the core work each day, which still has my core screaming! My lower body was def feeling it the next day. Nikki provides tempo and count variations for each exercise to give you some variety and really hit those abs and she provides great form pointers. You do get a bit of much needed down time between exercises. I received this set to review.