BoxingBody TKO

Debbie Burns
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Boxing Body TKO - with Debbie Burns

Workout Type: Boxing with some kickbox

Fitness Level: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

Equipment needed: none

Workout Length: warmup - 7min. ; kickbox - 28.30 min. of boxing
moves; kickbox - 13.30 min. ; Standing Ab work - 6.40 min. Cooldown - 5 min.
Total - 101.40 min.

Effectiveness: If you like a lot of boxing, this has it, There is a
lot of energy and high intensity. instead of marching en between segments
there is hopping, jumping, and jacks.

Attire: black pants, 3blk and 2 wht tops

Instructor: Debbie Burns, she is matter of fact and energetic, she
means business and she seems to love boxing.

The Cast: 2 women and 2 men. It's funny 'cause at times you can
tell the men can't keep up.

The Set: the background is painted in pastel colors.

The Music: fast; techno, (Cathe style music)

The warmup:
includes punches and bob and weave moves.
stretches include the runner's stretch, and knee on floor.
side step and punch alternate,
then alternate upper cuts.
8 hooks,

at 6.50 min. Boxing:
a variation of boxing move combinations, beginning with 30 punches per arm,
then jab and straight combos,
hop on toes in between,
jabs on the move
jab twice slide and switch combos
jab, straight and turn hips combos
the transition move is 4 jumping jacks
at 14 min. hook, jab, straight and duck combo several times
a lot of boxing and punching combos.
at 27 min. - alternating knee lifts running 8x - approx 10 sets

at 28.30 min.Kickbox segment begins:
2 punches cross kick
combos of punch w/ kicks
at 49 min. Standing Abwork
pull chest into abs
squats, kick lunge combo
at 54 min. knee lifts.
Deep squats

at 56.40 Cooldown 5min.
101.40 end

Total Rating: It advertises itself as a Boxing tape(not as kickbox) and most of it is boxing so it is what it says. It is tough, the music is motivating and energetic. If that is what you're looking for, then it is a 10.


Instructor Comments:
Instructor: Debbie Burns, she is matter of fact and energetic, she
means business and she seems to love boxing



I join the crowd who says, "Debbie Burns is the best kickbox instructor in video". This was a very enjoyable tape with many interesting change-ups and combinations. Debbie's training as a serious boxer, kick-boxer, and martial artist shines through.

There is a warm up, two aerobics sections (first boxing, then kickboxing - the kickboxing segment has more complicated combinations and some intensity drills), then a standing ab workout which is very unique, then what Debbie calls stretching but I would call core strength training. If you're looking for a few minutes of relaxation at the end of the tape, don't look here! The "stretching" segments includes plank work, push ups and lunges!

Alot of kickboxing videos turn me off because, well, martial arts are, by nature, sort of intense, and I like an instructor to display the intensity they demand (I had trouble with Desaulier's Kamakaze for this reason). I'm not saying it can't be fun, and even light-hearted, but I like attention to proper form, use of the "chamber" when punching and kicking", some sense that even if we're just knocking around with it a bit, it is a fighting technique.

Debbie delivers. She's just a pro. It's a fun tape to do, and a tape I can grow with. She uses real boxing terms. She obviously loves the practice and has worked hard at creating a enjoyable, well choreographed routine. The routine had more hi-impact moves than I would prefer. There are jumps, jumping jacks, and other moves that I modify.

I loved the students in this class. There are two men and two women. They had great form and terrific attitude.

Jane C.


I have been working out to this video since it came out last year and I still LOVE it! The workout is still fun and best of all, it is still a challenge. I think the best thing about this video is that it never gets boaring. I have found that as I have gotten better at it and have learned how to really use my body (i.e. moving my hips as I punch, using my legs to get power out of a punch or how to really kick), it becomes more challenging. I have yet to find a workout uses every part of your body the way that this does.

Debbie is a great instructor! Her energy and enthusiasum is really motivating, it makes you want to work as hard as she does and love kickboxing the way she does. She is obviously is teriffic shape and great at what she does. The other people she has in the video are great too. The video is broken down into three segements: boxing, kickboxing and ab/leg isolation. What makes this more fun to do than Tae Bo is that Debbie really makes it about the combinations rather than the drills. This is what keeps it interesting. There are drills in there but the focus is on putiing the combinations together.

I can not say enough about this video. Again, almost a year later the workout is STILL a CHALLENGE and I still get excited about the workout. Debbie is a great instructor and really keeps you motivated.

The only thing that would top this would be for Debbie to keep making videos!



There has been a lot of buzz lately on this video at the VF Forum, so I jumped at the chance to buy it during a CIA sale. All the reviews I have seen have been positive and I would agree that it is a good video for those who love boxing/kickboxing. I was actually surprised at how much kicking there was since I had heard it was mainly a boxing video. This was a lot of fun, but I do feel the need to point out a few negatives for those who get bothered by these details:

  • Debbie has a pretty strong accent. To me she sounded a little like Amy Fischer, but I think she's actually from Massachusetts so maybe it's Bostonian. Most of the time it didn't bother me too much. She also makes some unique sound effects, like a groan straight from the gut on a tough move, but they fit the mood of the workout
  • She cues on the move rather than before. This made following some of the combinations difficult for me, since they were rather fast-paced and I couldn't always remember what was coming up next.
  • Something about the kicks made my knees hurt. I think it had something to do with the jabs followed by front kicks with the back leg. Somehow my front leg wasn't in a good position so it felt twisted. When it came time to do squats, I really felt the pain in my knee.

That being said, I think Debbie does a great job creating interesting and challenging combinations (ex. two different punches in a row on the same arm, slips, ducks, fakes, etc) and she often reminds you to use your abs for support. The drills in between combos were really fun, especially the ones like "Ali" (scissor shuffles) which are named after boxers. A good advanced, non-stop high-energy cardio workout with a little bit of sports specific conditioning.

Caroline Kim


Although I've been a regular at VF for about four years now, I'm ashamed to say that this is my very first review. But I had to break the embargo and post a review of this video because it absolutely ROCKS!!! To me, this video is what Tae Bo should have been but wasn't. It is intense, fun, and all together awesome.

This video is very different from the many other kickboxing-oriented videos I've tried in the last couple of years. It is not "kickboxing-inspired" hi/lo, a la Cathe Friedrich, on the one hand, nor is it like the typical Tae Bo workout (i.e., "OK, let's do 4 sets of 15 roundhouse kicks on the right, now on the left, now march in place while I tell you what comes next"). It strikes a happy medium between those two "extremes." It satisfies my need to "dance," but in the way a boxer "dances" in the ring. Debbie puts together combinations while keeping you moving and working, so your heart-rate stays elevated, but she's not throwing in any "fluff" (which is one of the things I cannot stand in Tae Bo - if I pick up a boxing or kickboxing video, I want to do kickboxing, darn it, not the twist or rockette kicks!).

As others have said, this video has three main sections - round one is pure boxing, round two is kickboxing, and round three is standing ab isolations and leg work. Although Debbie and her crew model great form, there are no form pointers offered before or during the workout itself, so I would not recommend this to somebody who has never done any boxing or kickboxing before. The background exercisers (two men and two women) also are really talented - it's always distracting to me when the background folks can't or don't follow what the instructor is doing, but this group stays with Debbie and shows proper form throughout.

Since no one seems to have done this yet, I thought it might be helpful to break down the combinations in this video. The first section, boxing, is my favorite. Here's the break down:

1) Jab 2 slow on the move, then 4 fast in place; hold and switch sides

2) Duck-jab-duck-straight (this is what she calls a cross punch), slip twice and switch sides (this is probably my favorite combination)

3) Move up, jump switch, jab 2 (L), move back, jump switch, jab 2 (R)

4) Jab-straight (slow) 2 times, drop back duck 4; jab-straight (quick) 4 times move in; 4 jacks to switch sides

5) Hook-jab-straight-duck, jump switch; punch in (jab-straight), duck and jab back 4

6) Jab-jab, straight 2, hook 2 (R/L), slip 2; retreat 4, move in 4

7) Hand-speed drills: jab-jab, jab-upper, jab-hook

8) Jab-hook-straight 2, upper cuts move in; jab-hook-straight 2, upper cuts move out; slide in with 2 slow jabs, slide out with fast jabs, then "Tyson" (lateral slip); "Ali" (scissors) & jacks

9) Jab-jab-lean back, jab-jab-lean front, jab-jab-duck, jab-straight-jab-straight (1-2-3-4)

As you can probably tell, this section features pure boxing, no kicks. But if you've got good form and know how to put power into your punches, you will get an awesome workout during this part. Plus, you're still using your legs constantly to move and duck and slip (Debbie gets incredibly low in her slips - it looks as if her butt is almost touching the floor!) and she intersperses plyometric drills between each new combination. Throughout, Debbie does a great job of keeping you motivated ("move in like a truck"; "the bell hasn't rung yet"; "look 'em right in the eye"). Towards the very end of this section, during one of the plyo drills, she yells out "Yo, Adriene!" I would laugh, but I'm breathing too hard. The music for this part is really fantastic also. It seems to have a boxing "flavor" to me and fits the workout perfectly.

The only thing I don't like about this section is that after combo # 5, she stops going back to the top to put the combinations together. Usually, I don't care for too much TIFTing, but the first two combos in this section are my favorites and I miss them!

Section 2 is kickboxing. The music slows down for this section, and it's probably more like other kickboxing videos. Although this section is good, I actually don't like it as well as the first section because you're not moving as much. But don't think that means your going to lose your heart-rate; it will definitely stay up there, as Debbie intersperses more intense plyo drills to switch you from one side to the other.

There are 5 combinations in this section, and after she teaches each one, you move on to the next and never see the prior combo again. They are:

1) jab-straight-hook-upper; pause, then a quick jab-straight; jab 2, front knee block, back leg front kick; transition to other side with squat-front kick series

2) double jab-straight-hook-duck; back leg front kick; lateral slip 2, duck, back hand upper cut; jab-jab-back leg front kick; retreat with jabs, move in with jabs, scoot to the side, then the other side; plyo jacks to switch sides

3) front knee-front kick (same leg), jab-jab-upper cut; feint (sort of a fake out move - you pretend like you're going to punch but don't), jab-straight (1-2), feint, back leg front kick; front kick with a touch back to switch sides

4) jab-straight-slip, straight-hook-straight; jab-jab-front kick (each time through this series you add a different kick on the end - so the next time it's jab-jab-roundhouse, then jab-jab-side kick); plyo jacks to switch sides

5) jab-upper-hook, jab-jab; back leg low/hi (it's a low front kick then without putting your foot down a higher one - you can also turn this into a pivoting roundhouse kick if you like); jump front kick; lateral jump side to side to switch

I love the feint move and the low/hi kick - never seen these in any other video before.

The one thing that bugs me in this section is that the editing was screwed up during the first part of combination #2, so that Debbie all of a sudden adds on the last part of the combo and you've never seen before. Even though I know it's coming, it always trips me up and it takes me a while to get back into the combo. When you do the combo on the other side, it is put together the right way, though.

The final section is standing ab isolations and leg work. You can really feel the standing ab work. Debbie starts out having you bring your elbows towards one hip and then the other, crunching through the obliques, and then gradually moves you into punches. This is an excellent way of getting you to really feel how your abs come into play with the punches. Then you do a series with two side squats to the left, left front kick, left crescent kick, and then right leg lunge and repeat four times. This is a lot of fun! Finally, you do knee raises and deep squats that you hold for, oh, about three years. Debbie promises that "this is going to make your legs really strong." Yeah, as soon as I can get up off the floor. Then she has you raise up on your toes while in the squat and hold that for a while long. Yowie.

Then it's time for the cooldown, but this ain't no ordinary cooldown. Case in point: there is a (short) series of slow pushups! In the cooldown! Even the stretches (deep side lunges, e.g.) require quite a bit of strength and balance to hold. But they get very deep into the muscles and feel wonderful. Did I mention the pushups?

Whew! I guess it's apparent that I lurve this video, huh? I loved it so much I wrote to Debbie (first time I have ever done this, despite years of vidiocy) to thank her and it turns out she's also an incredibly nice person besides being an amazing instructor. I hope she makes many more videos in the future (hint, hint!).

The verdict? Four snaps in Z formation. A+. Definitely a keeper.

Hazel Porter


There are three sections to this workout (plus warm-up and cool-down/stretch). The first is boxing (22 minutes)and includes a variety of punching combinations, footwork, and higher intensity "drills" (high knees jogs, jumps, etc.) The second is kickboxing (20 minutes) and is structured pretty much like the first section, with kicks integrated into the combinations. The final section is martial-arts oriented toning for the abs and lower body and stabilization-type ab exercises.

This video has quickly become one of my favorites, for several reasons:

  • Great cueing, without slowing down the workout
  • The combinations are interesting and fun, yet fairly easy to follow
  • Love those drills, they really up the intensity
  • Deborah's comments throughout the video are really motivating ("move in like a truck"), I feel so tough!

The toning at the end is great too. I do wish the toning section was longer.

The time just flies by when I do this workout. To give you some perspective, I also enjoy Tae Bo a lot, but sometimes get tired of all the "filler"-type, jogging in place stuff. There is none of that in BoxingBody TKO. The whole workout just flows so well, and Deborah really gives lots of opportunities to work on perfecting your form, all the while keeping up the aerobic intensity. I hope she makes another video soon. I will be the first in line to buy it!

Anne Lacey


For those who didn't pay attention to the title of the workout (like me!), this is a boxing video, not kickboxing. Well, there are a few kicks in the last half of the tape, but it is primarily boxing. My mind was thinking "kickboxing" when I ordered it, which is my own mistake. I really don't like boxing (I didn't like Kathy Smith's Aerobox either), but if you do, I think you'll adore this workout. You will punch and sweat to your heart's content. It seems a lot more interesting than Aerobox, but I don't know if I'm the best one to judge that, so take it with a grain of salt. The ab work at the end is really good and a lot of fun. If you liked Aerobox, get this.

Annie S.


This workout is UNBELIEVABLE! This is by far the best boxing/kick boxing video I've seen yet. It's different from Tae Bo in that Debbie does more combinations than drills, which keeps it much more interesting. However, she does do some drills so that you can concentrate on certain areas. Warm up was great, 7 minutes and the actual workout lasted for an exhilarating 42 minutes. Debbie does standing ads which is so much better than crunches on the floor. The cool down and push-ups at the end was also real good.

Debbie is an excellent instructor. She has a great personality and is obviously good at what she does. She very motivating and her cues were great. You will definitely want to keep working out to this tape so you can be as good at boxing as she is.

Overall, this was an awesome workout! It can be as challenging as you want it to be, depending how much of yourself your really throw into the punches and kicks. After I was finished with this, I felt stronger than ever! This video is a must for any collection!



I just did this workout and it was Great! The best boxaerobics tape ever! A little different from taebo, less kicks but very aerobic, shuffles, jacks and jack hop turns. Warm Up 7 min
Work out 22
Work out drills with some kicks 20(TOTAL Hi/Lo 42 minutes)
Standing Legs & Standing Abs 8 minutes(I like the way she puts them at the end, She added a fun squat, front kick, crescent kick, side lunge plyo squat!!LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!!!
Cooldown with some pushups & stretch 7 minutes!!!Debbie Burns is a very personable instructor. This one is in my rotation FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!

Maria :o)