BarreAmped Sleek & Toned Prenatal Workout

Suzanne Bowen
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Ballet/Barre

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Suzanne works out with one backgrounder who is pregnant and provides some modifications for those in their third trimester. You will need a chair and light weights for this workout. The DVD contains a warmup, four 13-15 minute segments, and a 15 min stretch routine.

Thigh Work: Exercises include plie, plie pulses adding heel raises, wide second position adding pulses and calf raises, static toe lunges with pulses, closed stance toe squats, V stance lowering and lifting, and a quick stretch.

Seat Work: Exercises include relovet & rear leg raises & pulses, standing pretzel, a unique table top series, and a short stretch.

Mat Work: Exercises include knee push-ups & pulses, bird dog leg raise series, push out & tri extensions, side lying double leg raises, knee side plank, side lying leg raises, plank knee drops, and a quick stretch.

Cardio Tone: Exercises include side step with alternating bi curl, side - front - & rear raises, side lunges with lat raises, closed stance plie moving up & down with alternating bi curls, plie pulses, lunge rear leg raise, static lunge rocks, lunge & lat raises with rotator cuff work, lunge rear leg raise & T raise, and a quick stretch.

Light Weight Work: Exercises include lat raise, front to side sweeps, hi alternating bicep curls, chest squeezes, front & side raise static holds, rotator cuff works, upper bak fly variations, row & side fly, straight arm tri raises, tri work in & up, and a quick stretch.

Following Suzanne I rate these routines advanced. Her instruction, cuing, motivation, and form pointers are excellent. Suzanne is an excellent instructor that continually provides high quality, effective, and unique workouts. I think this is a great routine for everyone, not just for pregnant women. I received this DVD to review.