21 Day Fix Extreme:Upper Fix Extreme

Autumn Calabrese
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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This is a 34 minute upper body workout. Autumn says to use one set of heavy and one set of light, and a resistance band. This didn't really work for me. Heavy for me on one body part is very different than heavy on another. I used 12 # and 10 # throughout but could have gone heavier on biceps and needed lighter on triceps. I used the BB resistance band. The exercises were some basics (i.e. hammer curls, kickbacks, overhead presses, push ups, etc) mixed with some new ones I haven't done before like the dolphin press. I really liked those. The music was non-descript. Autumn moves very quickly from one exercise to another. I worked up a decent sweat. If you're looking to build strength, you probably won't get that out of this workout. Zero fun factor for me but no dread here either. I'd do this again if it weren't for the instructor who I just don't click with personally.

Instructor Comments:
This is the second 21 day fix extremem workout I've done, and I just don't click with Autumn. She repeats herself a lot (yes? yeahhhhh. reeeeeest.) in ways that I find annoying. In this workout she made a couple of borderline offensive statements about no one needing to see your triceps flapping in the wind and she doesn't want to hear excuses about why you can't lose weight i.e. I've had kids, I'm too old, etc. She comes off as pretty condescending. I will never buy another of her dvd sets but I must be in the minority as she is a pretty big beachbody star and has three sets with them.




Instructor Comments:



This is a 34 minute upper body strength workout. Autumn works out in a gym set with a group of background exercisers, one providing some easier modifications. You will need a band & dumbbells for this workout. You will perform 3 rounds of 4 exercises 2 times each. Each exercise is performed for one minute with a short rest in between.

After a warm up, exercises include: push up variations, lunge stance & row, weighted twist w/ leg extension, pec fly, band pull downs, military press, band delt pull back, plank pike, hammer curl, single leg tricep dips, concentration curl, kickbacks, and a quick stretch.

I rate this a high intermediate or low advanced depending on the poundage used. I got a great workout & every muscle in my upper body was well worked by the end. Autumn provides great cuing and motivation. I received this DVD to review.