Body Blast: Kick, Punch and Crunch & Legs and Glutes

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Total Body Workouts

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This is a review of one of the many, many pre-mixes on KPC/L&G - #18, Kickbox Combos/Strength Circuit/Abs. It is 61 min. long. (Note: This is a cut & paste from a GD post, so it is not necessarily a real "professional" review! LOL!)

You know how sometimes you just have a workout that makes you feel so worked out yet so dang good? That's how this little gem of a pre-mix made me feel. Four hours later, I'm still on that post-workout high! Wowsers! What fun! Normally, I don't dig on AWT, but this was different somehow.

Pre-mix #18 consists of the three punck/kick combos from Kick, Punch, Crunch interspersed with the toning work from Legs & Glutes. Again, I must say WOW! I loved it! As noted, it's 61-min. long but it actually took me about 65 min. as I had to take a few extra pauses here and there. In this pre-mix, you get a lot of cardio and a TON of lower body work (considering it's lower body sculpting plus you get lots of lower body work with the kickboxing combos).

Here's a brief breakdown (sorry, didn't keep track of number of reps):

KB Combo 1 followed by leg presses.
KB Combo 2 followed by squats, rear lunges (with front heel raised on a small dumbbell) and plie' squats.
KB Combo 3 followed by side leg presses, plies' (regular, explosive and combined w/a curtsy lunge), calf raises, 1-legged deadlifts, 1-legged knee lifts on step w/knee raise (genie arms) and explosive lunges! :eek:

The ab work is really good too. Crunch variations on the stability ball with and without weights. Some "lying on your back" work with the ball, and some plank work on the ball. It's tough, but not really killer, "I want to die" tough. Awesome!

I did [U]all [/U] of the the explosive lunges, and I was quite proud of myself. :D I hate lunges normally. Cathe has you do four pulsing front lunges, four pulsing back lunges, four pulsing front lunges again and then explode back and forth five times. Tough as HELL, especially considering it comes at the END of this w/o, but I made it!

When I was done, I just felt so thoroughly [I]worked out[/I], yet incredibly [I]energized [/I] and [I]good[/I]! I even took the stairs two at a time on my way back upstairs after my workout! :) Like I say, I'm still feeling great!

L&G is a great w/o anyway, IMO. Cathe really mixes things up with weighted and unweighted work, and she doesn't overkill anything, as she is sometimes wont to do. LOL! Just when you think you can't take another lunge or squat or whatever, she tells you you're done. This morning that happened several times. I started wondering if perhaps Cathe was a mind reader! LOL!

Anyway, if you're still trying to figure out what w/o to do today, bust out KPC/L&G and give this one a try!

Thanks! Just had to share the :love:.

Instructor Comments:
As always, Cathe is professional and fun!



This DVD contains the following Body Blast series titles--click for reviews of the individual titles:

~ Kick, Punch and Crunch
~ Legs & Glutes

This DVD contains both Kick, Punch, and Crunch and Legs and Glutes. I never quite know whether I should review multi-workout DVDs separately or together, but in Catheís case, since her DVDs contain so many pre-mixes that are an important factor in a review, I think her DVDs need to be reviewed as a single entity rather than as separate workouts. This one is a particularly good example, because after trying the workouts and some of the pre-mixes, Iíve determined that I will only do certain pre-mixes on this DVD (as opposed to the workouts themselves). Each full workout is very good on its own (except some of the leg work is overkill), but I found that I have the most fun when I do a pre-mix consisting of some kickboxing and some leg work. This is the real value of this set of DVDs Ė having these pre-mixes to choose from makes a huge difference, at least for me, on whether a DVD is a keeper or not, and itís like getting a dozen workouts instead of only two. Grade A.

Annie S.