The Unleashed Body: Yoga Unleashed

Heidy Tejeda
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Yoga

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Heidy leads this routine with one backgrounder in a yoga studio. The DVD contains a 42 min yoga routine & a 10 min bonus core routine. You wont need any equipment for these routines. The workouts are done voiceover and the sound is low.

Main Routine: Exercises include breathing, sun salutation, warrior pose, seated twist, balance pose, seated hip stretch, forward angle fold, balance series, tree, plank, side plank, low back series, boat, bridge hold, back bend, full bridge hold, stretch series, side knee drops, shoulder stand variations, a seated stretch pose, and concludes with corpse pose.

Ab Routine: knee side plank leg raises, side plank, child pose, V drop, spinal rotation, full roll up, and seated reaches.

In the main routine, Heidy does not provide cuing, so you will need to watch the screen or it may take a few times through to get the flow down. Because of this and some advanced poses interspersed I would recommend this routine to more advanced yogis. She does offer some encouragement & yoga info as you go. I received this DVD to review.