The Unleashed Body: Abs Unleashed

Heidy Tejeda
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Abs/Core

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Heidy leads this 31 minute ab routine with one backgrounder in a yoga studio. You wont need any equipment for this workout. The workouts are done voiceover. Sound is low on these.

Exercises include briedge, knee drops, sit ups, crunches, bicycle, leg drops, roll backs, table top knee & arm raises, plank knee pulls, down dog adding knee pulls, crunch series reaching for your toes, V sit variations, side lying leg raises & oblique crunches, side plank, childs pose, spinal rotation, full roll up, seated reach throughs, lhying low badck work, leg circles, knee drops, oblique work, and bridge.

I rate this an intermediate ab routine, though the full roll up pose is advanced. Heidy provides good cuing and the workout contains a lot of great core work. I received this DVD to review.