Just Walk: Tone Every Zone Walk

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Total Body Workouts, Walking Aerobics

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This DVD contains 3 twenty minute workouts, one upper body strength & walking circuit, a lower body strength & walking circuit workout and one fast walk cardio workout. You will need dumbbells for the 2 circuit workouts. Leslie works out with a group of walkers in a nice colorful set. The DVD offers audio options.

Circuit Workout One: After a warm up, Leslie alternates upper body segments with fast walking segments. Exercises include: bi curls, lat raise, front raise, fast walking, side steps, double side step, kicks, chest press adding rotation, lying tri drops, pec fly, ham curls, knees, side knee pull, and a cool down.

Circuit Workout Two: After a warm up, you alternate lower body segments with fast walking. Exercises include squats, plies, heel taps, walking, ham curl, kicks, static lunges, marching, kick & reach, side step, knee pulls, double side step, and then repeats all of the strength work with no weights. Leslie adds in tempo changes & pulses and keeps you moving in this circuit routine.

Fast Walk: After a walking warmup, exercises include walking, side step, kicks, knees, power walk, walking up & back, ham curl, double side step, side knee pull & chop, boxers shuffle, jabs, side toe taps & punches, kick & reach, grape vine & a cool down & stretch. Leslie adds in arm movements and keeps you moving nonstop in this one.

I rate these intermediate routines. The upper body is high rep lower weight and the lower is moderate weight moderate reps. The walking workout is nonstop & Leslie goes a good pace to get your heart rate up. The exercises are straight forward and easy to follow & Leslie is her usual chatty upbeat self. She provides plenty of form pointers. I received this DVD to review.