Women's Health The Next Fitness Star: Body Burn Series

emily schromm
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This 2 DVD set contains three 19-25 min workouts. Emily leads with 2 background exercisers, one showing less challenging modifications. The set has a nice spacious log cabin look. You will need dumbbells and a tall box for some workouts.

25 Minute Bodyweight Bootcamp: (disc 1, 22 min) after a warm up, you perform 2X: 3 circuits of 3 exercises for 40 seconds each followed by 10 seconds rest. Exercises include push-ups, burpees,V ups, squats, Mt climbers, fast V knee pulls, plyo lunges, squat jumps, elevator planks, walk out to plank - side plank- push-up, and a stretch.

15 Minute Fat Blaster: (disc 2, 19 min) Exercises are performed for 30 seconds each followed by a 10 second rest, you perform the circuit 3X, with a 30 second rest in between circuits. After a warm up exercises include tall box climb, burpee push-ups, deadlift, push-up to side plank, fast squat & overhead press, 2 limb plank holds, and a cool down. This is fast paced routine with no wasted time!

20 Minute Flat Belly Fix: (disc 2, 21 min) You perform about 10 reps of each exercise # rounds with a after a warm up, include renegade row, tuck & roll back, weighted V hold, weighted twist & press, one min plank variation, weighted sit up variations, side plank & reach through, rocking hollow man, 1 min reverse plank hold, plank to hop to low squat, and a cool down.

I rate these advanced workouts. They arent long but they are intense. They all really hit the core, get the heart pounding, and include strength work. Emily is a great lead with a very motivating physique. The exercises are all athletic and no complicated choreo. They do a great job of offering modifications for the exercises. I received these DVDs to review.