10 Week, 360 Plan: Fat Blasting Cardio

Denise Austin
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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Denise leads this cardio & light toning workout with 2 backgrounders in a white studio. The workout is divided into three sections: cardio intervals, cardio kettlebell, and tabata circuits. The tabata is 2 sets of 2 exercises 4X followed by one exercise 2 times, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. You will need light dumbbells for this workout. This workout is available to stream on Denise's website and on DVD.

After a warmup & stretch you move into cardio intervals using light weights: low impact jacks, diagonal reaches down & across, tri kickback & toe tap, upper back fly & toe taps, mogul hops, kicks, cross knee pulls, side step & lateral raise, overhead press & chest pulses, jump rope, & marching. Kettlebell: step & cross chop, swings, dip & chop, kicks, front & back kicks, side step & reach, abduct & reach, and bow & arrow. Tabata: fast feet, skater, upper cuts & side lunge, front knee pulls, and squat reaches. The workout concludes with a cooldown & stretch.

The cardio intervals & kettlebell routines are intermediate and the tabata is high intermediate. Love how the workout is divided into 3 sections so the time really flies and the variety of exercises will keep you interested. I worked up a great sweat and felt this more challenging than a lot of Denise's older workouts. She is still bubbly & motivating but def not over the top. I love working out with Denise & this new set is right up my ally. This workout is athletic and mostly drill style. I received this DVD to review.