10 Week 360 Plan: Shape Up With Me

Denise Austin
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Denise leads this 36 minute strength workout alone in an open studio. The workout contains a warm up, cool down & three 10 minute routines that flow from one routine to the next. You will need dumbbells and an optional chair & pillow for this DVD.

Upper Body Sculpt: Denise uses the chair for support in this workout. Exercises include, single arm row, kickbacks, upper back fly, side raise & bi curls, pec fly, chest press, lying overhead tri, knee pushups, knee tri pushups, reverse planks, and tri dips. Ab & Waistline Trimmers: Denise uses a pillow in this routine to cushion your back while on the floor. Exercises include: crunches, toe drops, lower ab crunches, penguin heel taps, bicycle, roll like a ball, can can, knee planks, bird dogs adding an elbow to knee pull, and knee side planks. Firm Butt & Lean Legs: Denise uses the chair for stability in this routine as well. Exercises include static lunges, dip & knee pull, single leg deadlift

Denise uses very light weights for the upper body routine & no weights for the lower body & core routines. Following her poundage, this is a low intermediate routine. Add weights to up the intensity if desired. The workout is well rounded and Denise makes it adaptable for all fitness levels. I received this dvd to review.