Checkout Workout

Jenny Ford
Year Released: 2015

Categories: Abs/Core , Athletic Stretch , Total Body Workouts, Walking Aerobics

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This workout may be for you if:

1. You are a beginner to intermediate exerciser and you want workouts that are solidly at high beginner to intermediate levels.

2. You want workouts that are super easy to follow and that don't require much thought or equipment or room.

3. You like feeling like you got a deal when you buy a workout DVD.

This DVD offers multiple workouts and they are all solidly high beginner to intermediate. In each, there are three exercisers, including Jenny, and one of them shows modifications that are lower impact, effort, etc. The options include:

Upper/Lower Body Weights (30 min) - This workout starts with the lower body and then brings in the upper body. I liked the lower-body emphasis.

Core and Abs (11 min): This workout offers ab and core work on the floor. I don't do floor work, so I didn't do this option.

Cardio Intervals (30 min): This option mixes steady state cardio with interval bursts you’ll take your heart rate up and down. It was the most exciting workout on the DVD (to me) and it was nice to have an interval workout that wasn't confused with a circuit workout (workout that alternates cardio and weights sections).

Marching with Moves (25 min): This workout uses marching moves, knee lifts, ham curls, and kicks. She keeps you moving steadily through the workout. To me, it got repetitive.

Restorative Flexibility and Stretch (17 min): I didn't try this segment.

All of the workouts are well constructed and offer many options. She is clear in her cueing most of the time and is encouraging. I just found the workouts to be more mindless and repetitive than I enjoy.

The set reflects a small room. They don't have much room on the set. Some people will enjoy this. Others may feel claustrophobic.

Laura S.