2 X 2 Conditioning Vol. 2

Aimee Nicotera
Year Released: 2014

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics

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I have tried most of Aimee's workouts and this one is my favorite. She has improved her delivery and the quality of the workouts since she burst onto the workout DVD scene a couple of years ago. To me, this workout hits everything that I am looking for in a metabolic type workout.

Aimee workouts out with two background exercisers - one is the "easier" modifier and the other is the "harder" modifier. Throughout the workout, Aimee floats between the different levels as she explains what you can do to make the workout your own and how you can make it work for you. That is a big priority with her in this workout - you, the exerciser, making this a workout challenging for yourself while honoring and paying attention to any limitations you have.

I think that this workout is intermediate, but that people on either end of the exercise spectrum could use this workout efficiently. She uses weights and a step, but I do step moves on the floor and skip this piece of equipment (so far). I do this because of bad knees. The workout is designed to alternate 2 minutes of strength with 2 minutes of cardio. The moves are drill-based; there isn't much choreography. The moves are designed to be simple and intense. When there was impact, I followed the level 1 modifier and I've been working on getting to level 2 when there isn't a joint issue (like impact). Sometimes I do what I call level 1+ - the lower-body move of level one (to take out impact) and the upper-body move of level 2 or 3 (to increase intensity). In other words, there is plenty of opportunity to make this workout your own. The workout itself is 40 minutes and she offers 4 extra blocks on the main menu - for a total of 60 minutes, if you do everything.

Recently, I have been focusing on metabolic type workouts. By my definition, these are workouts that combine cardio and weights and that leave me a sweaty mess. This workout definitely conforms to this definition.

Instructor Comments:
Aimee really does seem like she understands the home exerciser. I find her highly motivating.

Laura S.