The Biggest Loser (Australian Version) - Beginners Workout

Shannan Ponton, Michelle Bridges
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Total Body Workouts

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I have had this DVD for a while, but got put off when I previewed it. I hoped it might be better if I actually did it. Not so.

The workout is chaptered
Warm up
Cardio #1
Upper Body
Lower Body (heavy on squats and lunges)
Core strength
Cardio #2
Warm down

There are pauses between chapters so that it does not flow smoothly as a complete workout.

The warm up starts with jogging or walking and then moves on to squats, push ups and punching. (I may have the order wrong.) The actual exercises never get more intense than this throughout the DVD, so it is like starting straight into the workout.

The explanations of correct form are patchy, sometimes great, sometimes appalling. Some examples – there is a brief section with boxing moves. They explain that you need to keep you lower body still, but then move on to the next boxing move and don’t bother to tell you (or show you) that now you are meant to be rotating your lower body! In the upper body section they wait until almost the end of an exercise before advising you to modify it if you have high blood pressure.

Cueing is also poor, sometimes moves are demonstrated and explained and then the counting starts, sometimes you discover that the counting started with the background exercisers while the leaders were still talking.

The whole workout just came across as poorly thought out.

There are quite a few unnecessary close ups of Shannon’s large arm muscles and tattoo, and one long shot of Michelle’s cleavage.

Instructor Comments:
The two Australian trainers take it in turns to lead the class but talk over the top of each other, and come across as unscripted and unrehearsed. There were two occasions where it was obvious they did not know or had forgotten the names of their 3 background exercisers.

Shannon says “no excuses” in a chastising way a lot. This becomes very irritating and not at all motivating.